Sillimanians pass Oct, Nov 2017 licensure exams

Esther Micah B. Gillesania | News Writer

Some Silliman graduates in the field of accountancy, chemistry, psychology and engineering passed their respective licensure examinations last October 2017.


CPA board exam
Twenty out of 25 takers from Silliman University College of Business Administration (SU CBA) passed the October 2017 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure examination. They garnered an 80% passing rate and 30.45% national passing rate.

Only 4,511 passers out of 14,816 takers passed the said exam nationwide.

Aguilar, Rylmarie
Ambos, Gem Jessica
Bandigas, Joel
Bontia, Bermond John
Buenavista, Gil
Cadorna, Frank Lloyd
Dineros, Georgette Mae
Galera, Archimedes
Lao, Daphne
Llera, Karen Charmaine
Lu, Christine
Lubguban, Riva Dianne
Mangwag, Ma. Nashra
Ontong, Ann Janine
Ordoñez, Jeff Emerson
Palencia, Irene Mae
Quiazon, Wrylan
Ramas, Roselle Ann
Tubio, Ethel
Yrad, Gloria Roseni

Psychologist board exam
SU got a hundred percent passing rate in Psychologist Licensure Examination with a topnotcher.

Two out of two takers from SU passed the exam in which Karen Joy Dungog-Patayon ranked second.

Patayon graduated as magna cum laude in SU year 2009 and finished her master’s degree in Ateneo de Davao University in 2013.

“I feel very grateful for passing the board exam; and being in the top 10 was an unexpected blessing. Couldn’t have done it without God’s guidance,” Patayon said.

Other passer from Silliman is Aldwin Murphy B. Kwek.

Overall, 96 out of 148 takers passed the Psychologist Licensure Examination given by PRC Board of Psychology.

Psychometrician board exam
Twenty-two graduates from SU are now licensed psychometrician. The university garnered a passing average of 66.67% higher than the national passing average of 56.97%.

Nationwide, 4,957 passed out of 8,701 takers.

Alaban, Azuna Caramba
Alas, Alexandra Acedo
Alferez, Mary Hope Reylette Sagario
Alvarez, Simon Glen Udarbe
Antes, Harold Tan
Arias, Angel Jethro Muños
Besinga, Ruhel Jon Asumbra
Bragancia, Marianne Louise Moreno
Buiquil, Carmela Edillor
Bustamante, Les Mis Deniega
Colinco, Stephanie Ria Lachica
Deomampo, Sherra Ashley Aligonza
Hernando, Zoe Permacio
Horca, Monika Rae Reposar
Keys, Abigail Abrogena
Magalso, Dan Louie
Naranjo, Jo Hannah Louise Aclaro
Pineda, Kristy Zaren Estiñoso
Quir, Myrtle Jane Furigay
Selma, Pamela Camille Ceazar
Sobong, Richette Nyl Toledo
Tacder, Benz Rosette Veran

Chemist and Chemical Technician board exam
Seven graduates from SU passed the October 2017 Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Examination with a total overall performance of 21.05%.

Three out of eight fresh graduates and one out of seven retakers from SU passed the licensure exam for chemists.
Jonathan Pa-a, Department of Chemistry head, said the batch was the first to adapt the so-called “Retention Policy.”
He said the policy allowed students who failed in one subject to advance to retake their failed subject and advance to higher subject as long as their QPA reach 2.0.

“…They can take the higher subject even if they already had difficulty with the lower subject. So, during the exam, I already anticipated that there will be three passers only,” Pa-a shared.

On the other hand, seven Sillimanians passed the board exam for chemical technician. The passers were not recent graduates but are already working in the field of Chemistry, Pa-a said.

Nationwide, 526 out of 1,195 passed the chemists licensure exam and 720 out of 845 takers passed the chemical technician licensure exam.

New Licensed Chemists:  
Armentano, Roque Tanilon Jr.
Maputi, Joan Rose Caluscusin
Orlina, Honey Kate Jaboni
Maningo, Mikaela Patricia Sy

New Licensed Chemical Technicians:
Abrasado, Ariane Mae Ricardo
Bugas, Haidee Dapat
Ferrer, Alma Bilocura
Sevilleno, Chrissa Vilan
Civil Engineer Licensure Exam

Thirty out of 42 Sillimanians passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination this November. They have a passing rate of 71.43% and a national passing rate of 66.67%.

According to PRC, 6,075 out of 12,447 takers passed the exam.

SU New Civil Engineers:
Abellon, Shiela Mae
Aplicano, Bruce Alfred
Bolongaita, Sergina Mae
Calo, Irvin Ian
Calumpang, Angel Alexa Bebeb
Catipay, Nica Angelette
Eredera, Mieclen
Evangelista, Eirene Pian
Flores, Mizzah Jane
Gamallo, Prexyl Josery
Gayo, Gift
Ignacio, Chebb
Jaugar, Marc Anthony
Lazalita, Carmelo
Lubguban, Rica Maria
Maglasang, Alex Joshua
Mari, Jose Philip
Perez, Natlin
Reyes, James Vincent
Reyes, Jesse John
Rubillos, Olive Grace
Sagario, Louie Jay
Sarigumba, Kimberly Kates
Sumoguid, Donna Grace
Teves, Christian Jeremiah
Tindoc, Cristy
Velicaria, Gerard Jude
Villaluz, Kendric Nemesio
Visagas, Colleen Jane

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