What are the contributions of Intramurals to your life in Silliman?

Every year, students take a one-week break to give importance to one of Silliman’s C—the court. For at least six days, the university wants us to learn outside the classrooms: on the court, the track, the field.

Sports have always been used as the analogy of life. It involves hard work, patience, determination, skill, strength, persistence and the right attitude. All these are necessary to triumph in a much more complex and arduous court—the court of life.

We, the Weekly Sillimanian, have always been behind the Administration in promoting “holistic education” in the university. We believe that education inside the ivory tower of this university will not take you through life successfully. It takes immersion to everything else makes living more fulfilling.

tWS has always believed in the university’s intention and vision for the Intramural games. However, we see issues on how we realize this vision.

First, tWS hopes that the entire Silliman community will eradicate the “college-rivalry” mentality. We have to remember that Intramurals is all about enjoying your chance to play with your college mates. It is a matter of breaking barriers between the colleges; not building them. Although, the sense of competition is present, we should put forth camaraderie before rivalry.

tWS extends its appreciation for allowing some small colleges like Mass Communication to join the football men’s team of the College of Agriculture. We hope that this is the beginning of more partnerships among colleges, especially the small ones in terms of student population. This would give them the chance to play in some sports that require more players.

Let us set aside our personal and selfish goals first and put priority on the happiness and enjoyment of every Sillimanian in annual gatherings such as Intramurals.

Second, we hope that the officiating officials will be strict in imposing game regulations. For example, the rules on all Sillimanian coaches for all the participating teams and the rules on substitutions. Several spectators have observed that in some games, rules on substitutions weren’t strictly followed. Some players go in and out the court without the referee recognizing the act.

Though the fate of the game is not solely dependent on this, but it clearly says on what matters most: it is HOW you play the game.

The university holds events like Intramurals so that we can apply the ideals we were taught inside the classroom. If we practice the antithesis of these ideals, then our vision meets defeat.

Lastly, tWS lauds the inclusion of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 competition and the retention of Larong Pinoy.

There has always been a subtle connotation that Intramural games accentuate the “sporty” Sillimanians and put the non-sporty ones if not in the food committee, in the cheering committee.

This addition of DOTA 2 surely widens the scope and reach of the University Intrams and caters to students who are more into eSports than play hard core sports. So instead of spending 20 hours at Heroes Ground, Zone or Frozen
Throne during the “one-week break,” DOTA players have something to look forward to in Intramurals.

Other than mere cheerleaders or audience, students should play. The management should make sure that more and more people are involved. It is good to hear that Larong Pinoy is on its second year. Maybe we can also consider including, for example, Cosplay and board games like Scrabble. We can organize live-action Plants vs. Zombies game or real-life Chess and Snakes and Ladders.

But none of this will be possible without the participation of students. It will all boil down to them. The student body has to try much harder to be INVOLVED. We hold Intramurals during recitation days. Hence, we should make most of the tuition fee that our parents are paying. If we’re not going to have classes, we might as well play, cheer, learn and enjoy.

Hence, the question must be restated this way:
What have you contributed in the Intramurals of Silliman University?

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