Why are we Blinded?

Esther Micah Gillesania | Young Environmental Journalist

The mass media, as we know them, are the most powerful tool to use when we want information to be disseminated. They are also the most powerful tool used when we don’t want some information to spread— hence, this so-called “filtered truth.”

Sometimes, we think that the information reported by the media are all that we need to know, but that’s not always the 100% truth. In the headlines, we often read people getting killed, robbed, and cases of bombing in different places. Even with what’s going on in our government, the crimes and the politics. Most of the national newspapers focus on these two topics. Unfortunately, those are not the only concerns that need to be addressed in our country.

Has it ever crossed your mind to care about your environment? Do you ever wonder why we experience severe flooding and the sudden, abrupt climate change? I’ll guess that your answer will be no, and that’s a fact. We don’t really care about something we know nothing about. People tend to be reactive rather than proactive. We only show our concern once it’s already affecting us— like how many casualties and houses being buried by natural calamities, and other than that, we don’t care.

I wouldn’t put the blame on the people because I must say that the media themselves do not give much attention to the issues of the environment, which I think is very important. We have fewer conversations about what’s happening in our oceans, forests and the air we breathe.  If we could only get the most influential and powerful tool to disseminate information, which is the media, to report on environmental news and issues, then it will raise awareness and the involvement of citizens, which may serve as an eye-opener even to the sources of pollutants like business establishments (malls, grocery stores, etc.) who still choose to disobey the banning of single-use plastics.

Let us not wait for the day where we could only see plastics instead of fishes swimming in the ocean and buildings instead of trees that could provide oxygen for us to breathe. Let us not only focus on crime and politics. Sure, they are important, but our environment should also be given equal importance. Raising and initiating conversations about environmental concerns can potentially reveal the unfiltered truth and wake the passive citizens. It brings us to the reality of why we should care about mother earth.

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