“What do you know about Marcos’ martial law?”

Compiled by Jasmyn Siobhan A. Olmido | Circulation Manager

There are a lot of stories about how Martial Law has affected the country and these stories brought up so many arguments. I, myself, have no idea what happened that time except for all the stories from our textbooks and research studies. But what I’m sure of is the fact that it totally brought distraught to the Filipino people. Despite all of it, security measures were strengthened.
Allan Villanobos, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology-III

Martial Law is described as one of the most horrific events in Philippine history. My grandfather used to tell me stories about it. That time, he was a pro-Marcos, but upon hearing about the bloodshed during Martial Law, he felt betrayed and joined the rebels fighting against the Marcos regime.
Jon Nichole Lapac, Bachelor of Science in Psychology-III

What I know about Marcos’ Martial Law is that, everything was controlled under the government and military forces. It was one of the worst things that happened in Philippine History wherein Filipinos were under scrutiny.
Ritchie Lloyd Melgar, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering-III

Marcos’ decision in pursuing martial law was because of activists trying to revolt. It didn’t quite go well because of power abuse, violence and of course corruption. Our country suffered billions of debts to the world bank, and until now, our country is still paying for it.
Maria Carmila Tapis, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy-III

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