“What can you say about the P1000 budget of the CHR?”

Compiled by Jasmyn Siobhan A. Olmido | Circulation Manage

Article 17 of the 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines provides for the creation of the Commission on Human Rights and has provided guidelines for its existence as well. The act of congress passing P1000 only for the commission is sabotage, treasonous to an extent. How do we expect  the Commission to function to its fullest extent with the amount they are given? Comparatively, P1000 could be a college student’s weekly allowance. The last resort for us is the Senate and a Bicameral assembly to at least mediate this unprofessional and politically driven hasty move of the Congress.
Edna Lhou Masicampo, BS Mass Communication-III

I think that the budget is unjust. I think they should set aside their other issues and focus on the purpose of CHR which is protecting human rights. Though media have shown us that they are taking sides yet they have done more than just protecting criminals. They help women children and men as well. Human rights is Human rights whatever you do and whoever you are.
Precious Thelmarie D. Pranza, BSCE-IV

Hearing upon the news of reducing the CHR’s Yearly Budget makes me shake my head in dissapointment.
I hope our elected members in the House of Representatives have clear, reasonable and justified explanation on how they  have voted in such a nonsensical manner. They should vote wisely on motions that are for the development of our country’s cause not to please a certain political figure.
Renz Salvador O. Malo, BSCE-IV

It is kind of unjust for the House of Representatives to pass the budget for CHR even though our dear president is stoned with protests from CHR on his war on drugs. It is unjust to the part of CHR since they are estbalished to protect the rights of each citizen in the country.
Leo Ross Dionaldo, AB History III

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