Measure of Intelligence

Al Remuel Tubongbanua | Photojournalist | Geologer

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

Most people think that when a person has a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) they automatically think that the person is smart and if the person has a low IQ they think that person is dumb. People with high IQ are intelligent, there is no doubting that, like Einstein and other geniuses out there but it doesn’t mean people with low IQ are not intelligent.

Most of the IQ tests that you take only measure how well you do in logic, mathematics, and linguistics, along with facts and general knowledge; theydon’t measure your physical strength/attributes, how well you deal with people, how well you deal with yourself, or how well you draw or write music. Measuring the intelligence of a person should not only be based on scores and exams; that’s because not everyone is good at math or logic. They could be good at music or sports. Does that make them unintelligent?

We should think of intelligence in a wholistic manner and not just one or two aspects of it because there are multiple intelligences.

Among them are Linguistic intelligence, Logical-mathematical intelligence, Spatial intelligence, Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence, Musical intelligence, Interpersonal intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence, Naturalist intelligence. I think this is the reason why Einstein said that everyone is a genius, he was a genius in the field of physics. Michael Jackson was a genius of music/dance. Picasso was a genius of art. David Beckham was a genius at sports. Even though we are not as talented as they, it doesn’t mean that we are unintelligent because we are intelligent in our own way.

Some may not be good at logic or reasoning but can sing or dance. Some may be good in caring for others and some may be good at understanding themselves. All these means everyone is intelligent and everyone has the potential of becoming a genius. It all now comes down  to practicing and enhancing your own intelligence.

Einstein said that we shouldn’t judge people by who they are not. No one is the same in this world, and everyone is unique and can contribute in their own way. Only when we can learn to accept that a fish cannot climb a tree, do we understand the true beauty of the genius within ourselves and others.

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