The Lab Life that Loves You Back

Aprille Roselle Vince R. Juanillo | Contributor

Sure, you know about doctors, nurses, and other members of our healthcare force. You recognize the vital roles they play in preserving our lives. Despite this, the underlying misconception and under-appreciation  of the nature of their work   remains prevalent.

For one, medical technology is masked as the grossest and dirtiest job you’ll ever land. In reality, it actually breeds the most hygienic individuals. Preconceived notions, such as this, needs to be eradicated. It is time to learn.

Medical technology, the hidden profession that saves lives, is the laboratory science that aids the physician in the diagnosis, study and treatment of diseases in the promotion of good health. It deals with bodily specimen such as blood, tissues, fluid, and other secretions.  It examines the said samples in order to determine the state of your health.

For example, the blood drawn from you is processed and tested to determine a wide range of disorders such as leukemia and anemia. It also serves as an indicative for abnormality in your blood sugar and cholesterol level.

Your urine sample is also used to check for diseases such as Urinary Tract Infection  and identify the bacteria that are causing it. Your stool is processed to determine parasitic infections and parasite-caused diseases such as diarrhea and amoebiasis.

Apart from testing these common body fluids, medical technologists also process tissues and identify abnormalities in the cell bodies.

These are only some of the tasks of clinical laboratory scientists. They are basically involved in matters inside the body. They study the micro-happenings in the body in order to resolve any abnormalities detected.

By the looks of it, medical technology profession seems like a really dirty job. Who would want to face urine and stool samples?

However, since medical technologists know what “dirty” means and see what micro-agents such as bacteria, parasites and viruses could do, they are really keen on safety and cleanliness.

They know the importance of covering your face when sneezing, or how careful you have to be in handling utensils because they may be contaminated—they see the value of “cleanliness” because they know what “dirty” could do.

This is why you cannot ever call medical technologists “damak,” because “clean” for them is “clean” like no other.

The role Medical Technologists play in the health care system is invaluable. Without precise and accurate findings, there would be no equally precise and accurate diagnosis for proper treatment. As they say, behind every excellent doctor is an excellent medical technologist.

The lives of patients and even the reputation of doctors lie in the hands of our Medical Technologists.

Moreover, the road to becoming a medical technologist is a pretty arduous one. The virtue of integrity is upheld by every single Registered Medical Technologist. They hide behind the microscopes and live inside the laboratory to ensure you live a healthy life.

These are heroes  you seldom interact with but they care for you more than you think. These clinical laboratory scientists love you and your life. It is but time to love them back.

Thank your Medical Technologists! Happy National Medical Technology Week!

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