“What do you think is the strongest aspect of Silliman education? What do you think still needs improvement?”

Compiled by Jasmyn Siobhan A. Olmido | Circulation Manager

Best aspects:One of the best aspects of Silliman education is the more relaxed atmosphere; relaxed in a way that there isn’t much pressure imposed on students. Less pressure can be conducive to learning. Needs Improvement:
Consequently because of the more relaxed atmosphere there’s always a tendency that students will take it for granted and not take their studies too seriously. So the school should address that issue and balance it out.
Yyah Marie R. Molas, BS Entrepreneurship IV

I think the strongest aspect of Silliman education is its sophisticated yet ‘no arte’ approach in
teaching. This teaches the students the essence of education at its purest sense. The only matter
that I’d like to see improvement on is for students to be able to use school facilities with more
liberty but with less cost.
John Francis P. Caballeda, BSEE-III

I believe that the strongest aspect of Silliman education are its teachers. The teachers of Silliman
University are dedicated and passionate in their chosen field(s) and reflect their passion in their
teaching. Their passion and charisma are evident with them only wanting the best for their
students and want them to learn and use the fullest of their abilities.
Perhaps the pacing and thoroughness of the teaching method should be looked upon but other
than that, Silliman University continues to provide quality Christian-based education making sure
to radiate the Via, Veritas, Vita.
Noelle Marie A. Uy, Grade 12- STEAM

I think the strongest aspect of Silliman education is in the many supported opportunities of learning experiences outside the classroom – leadership trainings, foreign exchange programs and cultural appreciation shows are few of the examples that emphasizes this. In terms of improvements, technological advancement to further enhance and keep up with changing times should be a priority.
Alven Marie A. Timtim, Mass Communication IV

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