“How was your Hibalag Booth Festival experience?”

Compiled by Jasmyn Siobhan A. Olmido | Circulation Manager

My whole Hibalag experience was fun and crazy, I did rock climbing for the first time and shoot targets with a gun. I got to meet new friends and got to stay up really late with my barakada, I have established an intimate bond with them over Hibalag.
Reece Shen O. Regalado, BBA Management

My hibalag experience was a blast. It was so fun to witness the activities held there not only by the booths but as a whole. The beautiful lights added to the beauteous scene of the hibalag venue. It was amazing.
Carie Euraoba, AB Pol. Sci. III

My hibalag experience was just neutral. Not too sad but not too happy.
Gerick S. Gabas BSME-III

Hibalag is an escape to all the problems and struggles we experience during the class days. I was able to forget all the pressures I’ve experienced from the midterm exams and many projects due to the all the leisure activities during the Hibalag. There’s a lot of activities, games, events and many more that could truly help in reducing the problems from school works. This year’s Hibalag is great, fun and memorable.
Nathalie R. Magat, Grade 12 ABM

My Hibalag experience was really fun and amazing. It was my first Hibalag experience so that’s why. I never thought it would be so lively and full of life. There were booths everywhere, different kinds. It was a very fun experience and I will surely remember it.
Johlyanne R. Alvarez, Grade 11- STEAM

My Hibalag experience this year is one of the best so far. I enjoyed looking at students as they beautify their booth to get ready for the Hibalag week. I was also very happy with the preparation of events because it was very satisfying. It’s very nice to see alumni visiting their respective booths and made them feel welcomed. The security was also very good because the school was perfectly safe the whole week. One thing I was very disappointed of was the place because it was muddy. But overall, it is satisfactory.
Paul Andre Villafuerte, BBA Management-III

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