Yearning to See You

Carlee Cherokeeh T. Calingacion | Features Editor

I stood outside the room with the name plate LTS in Guy Hall because the girl I asked directions from said I can enroll in LTS here. As I peeked through the glass of the door, I saw that there were school supplies scattered everywhere. I knocked for quite some time until it slowly became obvious to me that nobody was around.

Just when I was about to leave, I saw a guy wearing white shirt carrying a box of what looks like full of cartolinas in the corner of the room. I perked up and knocked again, louder this time, for him to hear me. I knocked and knocked until my knuckles became red. I stood on my tiptoes and peeked again inside the room and it finally dawned on me that no one was really there.

This is just one of the countless stories of students claiming that they saw, heard, and felt ghosts within the campus.
It is undeniable that Silliman University is known for being home to ghosts and other beings that are inhuman. The haunting tales of the buildings in this school are just marks left by the brutal history that these halls witnessed. The Silliman University of the past is not the same Silliman we know today. Like a soldier who has seen the splatter of blood during the war, the walls and pillars of this school has seen so many things that one does not simply wish they can see.

Writing about all the mysterious tales that took place within the vast grounds of the campus would take hundreds of thousands of words to write. We need a novel for that. For now, let us do a subtle dive into the most common places where students claim to have experienced supernatural phenomenon.

Katipunan Hall
The most common one has to be the Katipunan Hall. It is, after all, one of the oldest establishments in the campus and it used to be a hospital called Silliman University Mission Hospital where lives were given birth to and at the same time where lives were taken away. Another interesting fact about the building is that it retained its original structure and even the initial floor plan and lay out from the emergency room right down to the morgue can still be visibly observed.

Because of the tales that surrounded this old building, Psychology majors made use of its fascinating and rather haunting history and held the first Horror Booth there in late 1980’s.

According to Raffy Cabristante in an article he wrote for GMA News, he said “a friend (who claims to have the third eye) [said] she saw blood dripping from the walls of one of the classrooms. It was eventually discovered that the room used to be the old hospital’s operating room.”

Almost Symmetrical Acacia Tree
If you have taken a stroll around the campus and attentively observed the details of your surroundings, you would have noticed the tall acacia tree that stands gloriously at the Ravello Ballfield. What makes this acacia stand out it is that when you gaze at it, it seems as though its branches are fairly symmetrical. This tree is truly a beauty to behold and a unique one of its kind but the unpopular yet not unheard-of tale of how it became almost symmetrical is not a story that you should tell kids during story times.

It is said that during the time of the Japanese occupation in the university in World War II, they hung their prisoners on the branches of the trees and left them there to die. The weight of the prisoners as they hung mid-air tugged down at the branches and made them permanently bend the way they do.

This is probably why despite of being beautiful, the acacia tree has an eerie feeling to it. It’s probably because of all the lingering forces stuck there that naked eyes cannot see.

Many Sillimanian who live outside Dumaguete City stay in dormitories where they pay for their accommodation and food by semester. Some dorms called the “big dorms” have more rooms and bigger spaces than those called “cottages.” Despite being home to students, dorms are also said to be home to many creatures that are inhuman.

Stories have circulated around campus of students claiming that they have heard mysterious footsteps on the corridors of their dorms. Despite of everyone already being in their rooms due to the strict curfews imposed by the university on the dormers, footsteps of what seems to be people can still be heard walking around the corridors past curfew. Some even claimed to have seen ghosts with their actual eyes. These claims can be easily dismissed because our eyes play trick on us sometimes but when the story of seeing ghosts and mysterious people in the dorms are kept on being repeated and retold all over again, it slowly becomes registered in the minds of the students as true.

The existence of ghosts and paranormal creatures are yet to fully realize as a fact. Still, people are free to believe what they want to believe. After all, one cannot just convince herself/himself to forget a peculiar something or someone they believed they really saw, felt, and heard with their senses.

The tales of the weird events that took place within the campus did not just stay within the campus for it is widely known that Silliman is so much of a hunted place. This did not scare away the students from enrolling in the university for it is the mystery that revolves around the campus that makes Silliman University more fascinating and beautiful.

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