A Night Full of Magic

Merell Lystra L. Recta | Feature Writer


It was a night full of magic.

Inspired from a childhood interest, The Fairy Doll: A Ballet for Children, was staged at the Luce Auditorium last Aug. 21 featuring the currently enrolled students of the College of Performing and Visual Arts (COPVA) Dance Extension Program. The Fairy Doll tells the story of a toy maker who owns wide range of mechanical dolls— Baby Dolls, French Dolls, Arabian Dolls, Spanish Dolls, Russian Dolls, Music Box Dolls, Drummer Dolls, Chinese Dolls, Japanese Dolls, Filipino Dolls, Harlequin Dolls, and the Fairy Doll.

One time, a wealthy farmer, an English lord and his daughters came and visited the toy maker’s shop. As they observed around, all of their adoration became fixated on one specific doll, the Fairy Doll. Since all of them wanted it, they started offering away valuables in order to get the doll to themselves. After squabbling and bidding, the farmer won after he handed his wallet to the toy maker. The farmer was able to take the doll home happily while the English lord and his daughters went home with saddened and regretful faces.

The toy maker was overjoyed that he went excitedly closed down his shop and went home without knowing that his young assistant was still inside the shop, asleep.

When the clock stroke midnight, something magical and beyond unbelievable suddenly took place. The once motionless and lifeless dolls suddenly breathed to life. As soon as they started to move their bodies that were once held stiff, they danced gleefully.

The poor assistant who was locked inside was awaken because of the noise and witnessed as the entire event took place before his eyes. Shocked and frightened that toys suddenly became human-like, the assistant ran away from the shop and headed to the toy maker’s house.

A little bit past the middle of the night, the assistant forcefully took the toy maker back to the shop only to see the dolls not dancing anymore. This made the toy maker furious at his assistant for disturbing his slumber and dragging him back to the shop while still in his night robe. Furiously, he chased the assistant around the room while blaming him for all the mess that scattered around the shop.

In a sheer moment, the dolls started coming back to life again and began dancing. This made the assistant and the toy maker stop dead on their tracks. The beautiful dolls moved towards toy maker. This scared him at first until they started expressing their gratitude to him for creating them.

The performance ended with an overwhelming amount of applause and cheers from the very satisfied crowd.

The choreographer, Aliana Limuaco, felt happy and proud after she saw that her students applied what they learned during their dance program where they met twice a week.

“It was a beautiful and a very successful one. I think all of them performed well. They all smiled and did their best but the most important thing there is that everybody enjoyed during their performance” Limauco said.

Limauco has staged many dances before such as the Midsummer Night’s Dream, Peter Pan, and Giselle but since the occasion is special due to the celebration of Hibalag Founders Day Celebration, she decided to perform the Fairy Doll instead. Another reason is that she took the maturity of her dancers into consideration and since most her dancers are young, she found this piece most fitting.

“If you chose a show, it has to match with the personality of the students. [My students] are very enthusiastic and up and about and the Fairy Doll can showcase their strength in dance,” explained Aliana.

However, there was one student who cried after feeling overwhelmed with how large the crowd was. She even felt the urge to back out and not perform the rest of her part anymore because of the nervousness and a bit of shock. “But then I was happy to see her perform again in act two,” said Limauco proudly.

The execution of every detail made by the dancers looked ravishingly effortless but like all other perfect-like performances, the preparations made before the actual presentation has to be vigorous. Limauco said that the preparation she and the dancers made for this performance was not that easy.

The kids she had to teach have different personalities and in order to successfully communicate with these students, she had to adjust the way she responds to each personality. There were kids who were emotional, there were those who were always on the go, and there were also those kids who got exhausted easily and did not want to attend classes anymore.

Since she was having a bit of a hard time, she listened and considered the suggestions of the parents on how to deal with the children. Still, she made sure that everybody was equally given the spotlight in the performance.

Despite the struggle everybody behind the performance went through, knowing the success of the event made Limauco proud of what her students have achieved.

Being the choreographer of this event helped her in fulfilling her mission which is to help the youth find their calling in the art through dancing.

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