Rev. Samson: Silliman U built out of God’s love

Meilynne Gem C. Sonjaco | News Writer

During the opening worship of the university’s 116th Founders Day last Aug. 20, speaker Rev. Ed B. Samson reminded Sillimanians to be faithful to God for it was because of His faithfulness that Silliman was built.

“Celebrating God’s faithfulness is a challenge to every follower. It is never easy to say ‘Praise the Lord!’ sincerely when you are in times of despair,” said Rev. Samson, conference minister of the Negros District Conference.

Samson said there are three main things that prove God’s faithfulness to Silliman University.

“We should celebrate God’s faithfulness because of His love and God made His love known by using Dr. Horace B. Silliman,” Rev. Samson said in his first point.

He said that despite the fact that our country was just recovering from the 300-year Spanish colonization, God still made His love known through using Dr. Silliman who donated the initial amount of $10,000 to start and build Silliman University.

Rev. Samson said the second reason to celebrate God’s faithfulness is because He made a way for the institute of Silliman to be built in Dumaguete.

“Despite not being included as one of the three possible places for destination, God made His love known by using the person to give a suggestion to Dr. Hibbard and wife, Laura, to make a side trip to Dumaguete,” he narrated.

Rev. Samson recalled that Iloilo, Cebu, and Zamboanga were the original points of destination of Dr. and Mrs. Hibbard in searching for the best place to build the learning institute of Silliman. He said God showed His love by using a person to suggest Dr. and Mrs. Hibbard to make a side trip to Dumaguete that then became their chosen town.

For the third point, Rev. Samson said: “During World War II, God made his love known by Silliman Faculty members and students who evacuated to four areas in Negros Oriental and continued rendering professional services there.”

He shared that the holding of classes in the different rural areas in Negros Oriental has led to the jungle university in the forests of Malabo which later on became the first community school in the province.

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