Letter To The Editor

Dear Ray:

I hope you were able to receive the SMS I sent you last week regarding your editorial. That was sent after I
failed to contact you by phone.

The editorial in your August 18, 2017 is erroneous. Its title is misleading and its insinuation is baseless.

FACT: The Weekly Sillimanian and the Student Government have always been part of the University Leadership Council (ULC) since it was established for around ten years now. ULC is a discussion body (not a decision-making body) that puts members of the different constituencies in the University (administrators, faculty and staff unions, Student Government and student publication) in the loop on developments on campus and decisions that have been made. As well, it allows for the same membership to share their ideas, express certain concerns, or make recommendations. What are discussed during the ULC are reflected in vetting processes in the University, thus discussions taking place there could also impact decisions.

Your membership with the ULC is by virtue of your being the editor-in-chief; although, as in the case of the Student Government, you may send an alternate or representative. You were introduced as the “new editor-in-chief ” — not the student paper being a new member of the ULC. In fact it was Dr. Maria Cecilia Genove who introduced you.

We hope that you can make the necessary corrections. Editorials represent the stand of the entire paper and are still written with facts.

Also, I share with you concerns that reach our office on news articles in the student paper not accurately reflecting information acquired through interviews, or colleagues being misquoted or their statements taken out of context. As the student paper is a laboratory where students are trained to become effective and responsible writers, we trust that you take extra care in validating your facts.

The student paper has freedom over your content. There is never any attempt from our Office and the Administration to censor or manipulate the student paper. We advocate full exercise of your talent and creativity, and are confident that you do so within the bounds of what is accurate, right, just and fair.

Best regards,


Office of Information and Publications
3/F LT Ruiz Administration Hall
Silliman University
6200 Dumaguete City

About theweeklysillimanian (1996 Articles)
Official student news publication of Silliman University.

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