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From left to right: Mariano C. Lao, Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, and incoming University President Dr. Betty McCann

For Silliman alumnus and benefactor Mariano C. Lao, a hundred miles cannot be achieved without making a first step. Last Aug. 19, Lao claimed to have taken that first step when he inaugurated his Innovation, Creation, and Invention (ICI) Technological Laboratory.

In many conversations with VP for Development Jane Anette L. Belarmino, Lao expressed his will to help young aspiring entrepreneurs of the university in their life journeys after seeing their potential to do well in the profession.

“This ICI Technological Laboratory is one of the most important projects I have been involved in for the past 22 years. This project forming young minds to be innovative, creative and inventive will be for the benefit of the future generation,” Lao said.

This laboratory of 20 new desktop computers at Mariano & Lina Lao Activity Center is envisioned as a preparatory incubator for developing systematic and critical thinking.

VP Belarmino said that is a place for college and high school students who are interested in making businesses out of
computer-related skills.

“But most importantly, it is a place for students to learn and work together, develop and test new ideas, and engage in active learning,” she added.

SU President Ben S. Malayang III was also present during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Exactly a year ago, the Mariano & Lina Lao Activity Center was inaugurated and named after its donors, Mariano Lao and his wife, Lina Lao.

For his resolute compassion and generosity towards his alma mater, Lao was inducted earlier this year into the Order of Horace B. Silliman—a distinction which serves as Silliman University’s expression of gratitude to its donors and benefactors.

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