Editor’s Note

Hello there, fellow Sillimanians!

First, we would like to greet our dear old Silliman on its 116th Founders Day Celebration. This celebration is not
just for the people who worked harder than anyone to make Silliman what it is today, but for us, the living Sillimanians, who continue to carry the torch of excellence across the world, o’er near and far.

On this special occasion of the University, the Weekly Sillimanian wants to create something for the Sillimanians-
-something out of love, compassion, and dedication in the name of this beloved university.

Unlike what has been traditionally practiced, this year’s Hibalag special issue is 20-pages, however, in a newsletter
size. Conventionally, tWS Founders Day issues are only at around eight to ten pages and printed on a regular newspaper. But this year, we decided to publish a more convenient paper especially for easier reading.

On this issue, we feature the newly-crowned 71st Miss Silliman, Alyssa Palencia from the College of Computer
Studies, and her journey from being “boyish” to becoming the next Queen.

We also feature the candidates for this year’s Mr. Hibalag pageant as well as their advocacies and we asked them a
couple of questions about their ideal girls. (wink wink)

We also spared pages for the newly-opened Romeo P. Ariniego Art Gallery that will serve as an art display for Sillimanians, locals, and visiting artist; lounge where student commuters can rest and sleep for P25 per hour; and the new Hibalag Festival King and Queen.

Moreover, we also include heartbeat-skipping horror stories of Katipunan Hall, dormitories and the infamous symmetrical acacia tree at Ravello Field.

However, as much as we want to put everything that happened in Hibalag from day one to eleven, we were only able to cover halfway through the celebration.

On the other hand, we would like to remind you that today is Aug. 27th, meaning we only have a couple of days to enjoy what’s left of Hibalag festivities.

Classes are just around the corner . Make sure to seize the remaining days. Be with your family, meet new friends. Your enjoyment during the two-week vacation lies in your hands and not in anyone else’s.

Pakig-Higala. Paki-Hibalag.

It only takes one “hello” to start a long conversation and friendship. After all, that is the essence of Hibalag.

About theweeklysillimanian (1996 Articles)
Official student news publication of Silliman University.

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