“What activities do you look forward to during the Hibalag Booth Festival?”

Compiled by Jasmyne Siobhan A. Olmido | Circulation Manager

Honestly, I don’t have any specific activity that I look forward to in the upcoming Hibalag Booth Festival. I just hope that this year’s activity will be effective and encouraging, so students will be willing to. As long as everyone will have a great experience and “lingaw, payts na.” Let’s enjoy Hibalag, co-Sillimanians. Yey!
Pearly Reyes, BSSW-III

Well, what I’ve been looking forward to is that there will be more activities inside the Hibalag Booth area such as the Tempura eating contest which my group almost won last year. More events that will hopefully make every student participate. Since there were canceled competitions, I hope that SUSG will work hard to make the Hibalag Booth Festival successful and not boring. I have a lot of faith to SUSG. Go SUSG. Go Silliman.
Rachel A. Veran Civil Engineering IV

I’m looking forward for the opening of the horror chamber by the Psych Department at KH. I am very interested with what they can show to the customers who will be entering their horror chamber this year. I am expecting for it to be scarier than last time.
Carie Euraoba AB Pol Sci-III

Hibalag is fast approaching and I’m very much excited to watch the following activities like the Hibalag King and Queen 2017, to watch bands perform live, to enter the creepy horror chamber, and most of all to taste palatable foods the food stalls will provide.
Joyce Malayo- BSND II

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