New OICs for Engg and MassCom appointed

Chrisse Martha Gillesania | News Writer

New officers-in-charge (OICs) were appointed in the College of Mass Communication (CMC) and in the College of Engineering and Design (CED) for the school year 2017-2018.


Engr. Dennis T. Salboro, former chairperson of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, was appointed as CED’s OIC effective last June 1, while Ms. Melita C. Aguilar, a faculty member of CMC, was appointed as the college’s OIC last July 24.

Salboro assumed the OIC position after Engr. Jesus G. Amiscaray former dean of CED filed a study leave in April.

On the other hand, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Dr. Betsy Joy B. Tan, temporary OIC of CMC after Dean Rose Baseleres retired last May, appointed Aguilar as OIC just last July 23.  According to the VPAA Tan, Salboro and Aguilar both are “experienced in their fields of study, equipped with a master’s degree, and not a stranger to their college.”


“The president doesn’t want to appoint new deans and even other administrative posts because we will soon be stepping down. We respect the incoming president [Dr. Betty C. McCann] to make her own choice,” she explained.

Tan said that while an OIC and a dean have the same functions, a dean holds the position for a period of three years, while an OIC will serve only for a year. Moreover, she said the selection of a dean requires a longer process.

Atty. Joshua Francisco J. Ablong, manager for Human Resource Development, said the choosing of a college dean is done in accordance to the qualifications set forth under the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order. This order governs particular colleges, degree or programs, and the University Manual.

“Deans are selected through a nomination and selection process. A nominating committee is formed for the purpose of conducting the required Call for Nominations. The committee will then come up with a nomination criteria based on inputs from the college and pertinent requirements mandated by CHED,” he said.

Ablong continued that the newly appointed OICs could become deans if they are appointed as such. However, he clarified that the OIC position is normally temporary and transitional in character pending search or appointment of a dean or director.

Julien Piñero, Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicator’s vice-president for external affairs, expressed her gratitude for the appointment of Aguilar.

“Now that we have a new OIC who is also a faculty in the college, it feels like the College of Mass Communication is back on track,” she said.

Jonathan James Credo, governor of CED, also expressed his support for their new OIC. “As I’ve started working now with the OIC, we are really having a good cooperation in working for a common goal- to serve the students well and bring pride to our college,” he shared.

The School of Basic Education  also welcomed a new set of principals this school year.

They are Rosevilla Larena (Early Childhood), Dubha Estallo (Elementary School), Ma. Donata Ameliz Kinatac-an (Junior High School), and Kemmons Kilat (Senior High School). Their term of office will expire on May 31, 2019.

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