71st Miss Silliman: Battle of Beauty, Brains, and Passion

Merell Lystra L. Recta | Feature Writer

On the 71st year of the prestigious beauty pageant Miss Silliman, the advocacies of the candidates are not merely added factors to gain the crown. The candidates must have taken initial actions of their advocacies before the coronation night on Aug. 25th. This is proof that this competition is not just based on beauty, brains and talent but also measures the heart and passion of the candidates for humanity and mother nature.

These eleven confidently beautiful women who  wave their college’s banner all deserve to wear the most coveted Sillimaniana Regalia. However, at the end of this road, only one will emerge as the “Embodiment of the Epitome of a Silliman Woman.”

Let us get to know each one of the 11 candidates for the 71st Miss Silliman Pageant and their advocacies.


Franz Khyte Bihag
College of Education

The reigning Miss Education believes in the power of Larong Pinoy as a ground to develop and practice Filipino values; this has led  her to adopt her “Pasingot with a Cause” advocacy. In fulfilling this advocacy, Franz plans to conduct a seminar/workshop on the subject in Piapi High School.

Hailing  from Jimalalud, she wants everyone to witness that a probinsyana like her can also compete against women coming from all parts of the globe.

Her philosophy in life is to pass good values to others by being a good influence to them.


Sarah Faye Dulaca
College of Performing and Visual Arts

There having been no representative from the COPVA for almost five years, Sarah finally took courage and grabbed the opportunity to join in this year’s Miss Silliman.

With Christ in her heart, she wants to emphasize the faith component of the University through her advocacy “Convergence: Spiritual Empowerment through Missions, Discipleship and Art.”

Although her hometown is San Diego, California, she remains a Filipina by heart.

In this contest, she represents not only her college but also other believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, with her  philosophy:  “Seek and honor God first, and everything else will follow.”


Jasmine Helen Dudley-Scales
School of Basic Education – High School

Being a native of Dumaguete and a  Sillimanian, Jasmine has seen a lot of strong and independent women crowned as beauty queens. She believes  in her heart that the youth should be empowered just as much as these beauty queens.

With her “YOUth Leadership Enhancement and Development” advocacy, she wants to influence the youth to make a valuable impact in the world starting from her hometown up to the far-flung barangays and cities through team buildings and seminars.

She believes “every experience and opportunity is God’s plan for us  to become a better person,” hence she chose to take the challenge of being Miss High School.


Cieline Jalosjos
College of Engineering and Design

With great passion for the environment, Cieline promotes the awareness of proper waste disposal. She also encourages everyone’s participation in ocean conservation through her advocacy “Silliman Towards Saving Our Shores (S.O.S).”

With her project #BreakFreeFromPlastic, she hopes to conduct talks in various barangays in Dumaguete City to inform the residents about plastic pollution and introduce the trash disposal projects that her college has implemented.

She challenged herself and joined this competition while being guided by her philosophy, “Challenge the limits instead of limiting the challenges.”


Giullia Rae Lawas
School of Public Affairs and Governance

Guillia believes in the importance of mental health just as much as physical health. Her personal experience with depression and the negativity that it brings  push  her to shed light on the issue among young people.

With her advocacy, “Importance of Mental Health Awareness Promotion for the Progress of the Youth (I’M HAPPY),” she plans to create a support system for Sillimanians suffering from depression. The advocacy will cover forums, talks, and activities to spread mental health awareness.

Joining in this competition is a chance for her to showcase not only her talent and beauty but her advocacy as well. Her philosophy: “Educating the world is educating one’s self.”


Tameera Angelette McQueen
Medical School

Tameera’s advocacy is her response to the need to serve the marginalized and underprivileged communities. Her advocacy,  “Advocates for Community Altruism through Professional (ACAP) Commitment” encourages future health sciences professionals to deliver primary health care to people in  far-flung places of the region.

Her immersion with the Molbog tribe in Palawan has inspired her to help improve the health care services in the country.

Joining the pageant is an opportunity for her to deliver her message and influence to the larger audience. She joins Miss Silliman as an opportunity to learn new things. Her philosophy in life: Look at the bright side and never be afraid to take risks.


Alyssa Palencia
College of Computer Studies

Alyssa sees the potential of using social media as a platform for a greater purpose.

Through photography and basic graphic design campaign, her advocacy, “Raising Awareness on the Effects of Social Media Harassment through Multimedia Arts,” aims to prove that multimedia arts can be a powerful tool to shed light on this generations’ sexuality and gender issues.

Her college has not been represented in the Miss Silliman in the last six years, and so she figured that she must join the competition for a comeback for her college.

Her philosophy teaches her to be kind, humble and nice, but never to  let people mistake these traits for weakness.

By the way, she can type 129 words per minute.


Joxel Parao
Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Crowned as the Bb. Teknologo 2017, Joxel’s advocacy calls for promotion of the proper use of antibiotics and teaching proper hand sanitation in “Combating Antibiotic Resistance: Doctor’s Prescription, Mother’s Actions.”

She believes that a mother’s innate nature to take care of and protect her family makes a mother a critical proactive agent in the crusade of combating antibiotic resistance. Partnering with barangay health officials to campaign against antibiotic resistance is a way for her to make her advocacy effective.

This young woman  from Bacong is guided by her philosophy to always play your cards near your  chest because the burning passion in your heart can take you to new horizons.


Florence Rasanen
College of Mass Communication 

Florence is the voice of the voiceless and her voice calls out to promoting mental health awareness. One way to do this is to set up a project offering coffee at the kiosks in the campus and allowing anyone feeling low to write down “how their heart is feeling” or just having someone to talk to.

Coordinating with guidance counselors and conducting symposiums on mental health are other avenues for fulfilling her advocacy. She not only represents her college in this competition but also her mother, because Silliman is her mom’s dream school.

Guided by her philosophy, she disregards insecurities because she believes that one’s greatest competitor is one’s self.


Rocyn Honeylou Toquero
College of Nursing

Rocyn has a strong passion to attend to the needs of the indigenous children. She wants to make it possible through her advocacy, “Building Resilience towards Mental Well-being among Indigenous Children.” Her first step in fulfilling her advocacy is the Tapok Project with the Badjao children aging 6-12 years old that will help the children attain self-awareness and community-awareness towards mental well-being.

She says it is God’s will and purpose that pushed her to join this competition, and she believes that the difficulties in life vanish when one faces them boldly.



Shekainah Yunque
College of Business Administration

Moving from one country to another has made Shekainah resilient to constant change. Seeing different races has inspired her advocacy, “My Skin is My Home: Breaking Unrealistic Societal Standards on Beauty.” She wants to inspire young men and women to love the skin they are born with and help people around  her to develop self-confidence by conducting  group discussions on the topic.

She sees the competition as a training ground for her to gain courage. Her philosophy reminds her always to stay morally upright despite the prevalence of immorality, and to mold one’s self into someone she can be proud of in the end.

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