“What qualities should the next Miss Silliman possess?”

Compiled by Jasmyne Siobhan A. Olmido, Circulation Manager

The next Miss Silliman should be a woman who is not just a pretty face but a woman with great courage who will not settle for less and with unfailing humility in her heart that will do everything for God’s greater glory because for me, a Miss Silliman is a perfect example of a woman that possesses exceptional competence, character and faith that our school has been instilling for the past 115 years.
Warra Marie A. Paclauna, BSPT-III

The next Miss Silliman should not only possess both beauty and brains but she should also possess the personality of a woman strong enough to be herself on and off stage. The crown is like her very own spot light; everyone’s eyes will be on her for an entire year. The pressure is very real but she should be strong enough to withstand this pressure and to make it through the year and end it with confidence and a smile.
Laysah S. Catacutan, BSED-II

For me, the next Miss Silliman should be God-fearing, she must have Christ in the center of her life and also, she should be exemplary not just in the academe but also in conduct. A Silliman woman should empower not just the Silliman community but also the people in the society. She should not just lead but also follow.
Bienni Claire Delmo, BSN III

Being a Sillimanian for almost 8 years now, I have seen not only the beauty of the university but also the people as well. Silliman University have always been consistent with their Miss Silliman throughout the years. A person who is refined, a person who fears the Lord and of course a person who is undeniably beautiful. A Miss Silliman is someone who should be looked upon by every student studying in this university. She should embody the silliman spirit and should also live with the 5C’s (Classrom, Church, Cultural Center, Court and Community). Being a student of this prestigious school, I believe that the miss silliman should also have class and grace. She must know how to be sophisticated as an individual. Although, we now live in a liberated world, I believe that a Miss Silliman still has that aura of a “dalagang filipina”.
Nikki Ria L. Zosima BSCE – IV

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