“What If I Told You?”

Keilla Wilson Choi | Grade 12- ABM

All around the world, bodies are sold. All for the pleasure of someone bold. They take something they do not deserve. They still have the nerve to fill your head with lies and deceit. It’s no easy feat to wake up every day and know you’re chained this way, forced to stay without an escape. Their hands scrape through every inch of skin. There’s no place they haven’t been. Your body is no longer yours, it’s theirs, and no matter what you wear you cannot hide the tears they’ve left behind in their wake. If you put up a fight your life is at stake. Who knows what else they’ll break?

They sold you for money even if you didn’t agree and they would have you believe you’ve no right to grieve for your stolen virtue. But what if I told you that you’re beautiful and that you matter and are worth fighting for? I’m speaking up for you today to help make your voices louder and clearer. Your pleas have been heard and now it’s time to make a move.

Let me tell you a little something about Jane and if you’re reading please help her. She’s been suffering for too long. The days seem too short for her and the nights never end. She’s tossed around like clockwork from one client to another. She sits in the corner of her room screaming to God she wants to leave. She’s been through so much pain to the point that the pain has all but become numb. Until another client comes in making her feel vulnerable all over again with every touch and every word.

How can I make you understand what these people are going through? Even if you ask and listen to every word still you do not hear, see, nor feel what they do. You do not know their stories. You have not walked in their footsteps. You do not have names scarred in your hearts, branded across every patch of skin. These remind them of every person who has dared to touch and take what was not given.

The truth is you’ll never understand what it feels like to swim against the currents;  to keep your head afloat; to hope you’ll see the shore; or to scream into the darkness wanting to be heard and saved.

What if I told you that we can make a difference by lending a hand? Be a friend to them when there is none. Open our eyes to see their beauty. Open our hearts to give them love. Open our ears to give them solace. We could give them the greatest gifts— the gift of hope. There is always hope that things will get better, that they are worthy of love, and that they belong somewhere.

So, let us all put an end to this modern-day slavery for no one deserves to have a price tag attached on their body. If we choose to remain idle in the face of this injustice, then we are no better than the oppressors. So, help me put an end to human trafficking.

Keilla, is the winner of Stop Human Trafficking, Spoken Word Competition, organized by the Silliman University Student Government last July 28 at Oriental Hall.

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