Oh! The hypocrisy of it all

Angelica Mae D. Gomez | Feature Writer | Just a thought

Just when he couldn’t get much worse, I remember reading an article a few months ago that the famed boxer/Philippine senator spoke out against a still pending, anti-discrimination legislative proposal which is slated to protect the rights of transgender individuals. I just wanted to bring this topic up again because the document is also meant to help prevent discrimination against those who are cross-dressers in the Philippines. So, why does Manny have a problem with this piece of potential legislation?

Apparently, Pacquiao simply doesn’t support Senate Bill 1271’s mission to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. The controversial athlete turned politician noted that in the Bible, woman should wear women’s clothing and that a man, men’s clothing. To make matters worse, he defended his opposition to the bill by claiming that cross-dressing could be used to “commit fraud.” Pacquiao went on to site the murder of Jennifer Laude, who was killed in 2014 by U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton, as an example of this said “fraud.” According to the conservative sportsman, Pemberton’s crime was downgraded to a homicide due to Laude deceiving him.

What kind of one-sided, sick thinking is that?

It is really unfortunate that a person like Manny Pacquiao is consumed with so much prejudice and homophobia that it just gets on my nerves every time. Though it is a big leap for many to grasp that gender identity and sexual orientation may not always necessarily correspond, he just doesn’t seem to realize the societal challenges a transgender people struggle with every single moment of their lives. Considering that transgender people have been killed, bullied, and harassed for doing just that, Pacquiao and his group of self-righteous Bible-thumpers should take a lesson from their holy book and do the Christian thing:  have some mercy and compassion and out with all the hypocrisy!

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