Concealed cracks in the glass castle


People of authority carry an air of responsibility that demands respect from individuals on the lower hierarchy. In this institution, no doubt, students fall under the heavy palms of the instructors’ guidance.  More often than not, students will do anything to maintain their grades. Not cheating—sometimes, we have no choice but to fulfill the teachers’ demands. It cannot be counted on one hand the number of accounts where the students must answer to their teachers’ desires.

One instructor prevented latecomers to take the midterm/final exam of their subject, and told them to come back during the time of the next group of students. When they did, the teacher announced a shortage of test papers and some students from that group were unable to take the exam to accommodate the latecomers of the previous group. Only at 7 pm that night were they able to take the exam because the teacher had no other free time.

In other cases, points mean money. Yes, that’s right. Money. Buying books, buying tickets to shows, going to this event, and spending more money on this and that mean points to our grades. We are told that they are required, and that they’re significant to the subject. So what? Essentially, we are not earning our grades, we are paying for them.

“No. All Muslims are terrorists.” I’m sorry, did those words really escape from a Silliman teacher’s lips? Must we be disrespected and shamed for our beliefs? Horrific. It’s difficult to justify statements like these from instructors under the banner of an institution like Silliman University. Silliman promotes holistic education under Christian Faith. Does that mean all other beliefs do not deserve respect? It should not be so.

Cumbersome burdens are upon the shoulders of teachers, but that does not mean they cannot take care of their students. There are teachers who are loved in Silliman, as well. It’s just that there is only so much we can take before we begin to think ill of a system that is home to people who inspire ill themselves. Acknowledgement of these issues is due. A weight hangs heavily on the hearts of students—one that has stemmed from anger and hate. We can only hope that it will be lifted.

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