VP Finance asks SG for Proposal of Student Fees

Sommer Buyante | News Editor

Silliman University Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA), Atty. Fe Marie D. Tagle,  wrote to Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) President Allison Ladero last July 24 asking for a proposal on how miscellaneous and other fees charged to Silliman students may be properly administered.

Ladero said, however, that the SG is in no position to make that proposal now but it would instead write another letter to the Silliman Administration asking for clarifications on how miscellaneous fees are being administered.

VP Tagle’s letter came after the SUSG and the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) were invited by the Administration to a dialogue last July 10 to address the students’ questions on the subject, and also after SUSG had released an official statement in its Facebook page expressing support for the Silliman University Faculty Association (SUFA) during the teachers’ strike  last July 19-21.

In its statement SG claimed that they were treated by the Administration with “kid gloves” and that the students’ questions were unsatisfactorily answered by the Administration during the dialogue.

SUSG also questioned the figures that were presented to them by the Administration.

“While we in the SUSG are merely students, those of us present during the dialogue with the Administrators could clearly see that the figures did not add up to justify the Administration’s position on the  [its labor dispute between SUFA],” it said.

In her letter, Tagle thanked Ladero for bringing into her attention the concerns pointed out in their Facebook statement and the new issues which need further clarifications, such as Cafeteria prices.

“I shall endeavor to address these as you had requested. Meanwhile, I invite you to give me a proposal on how you believe the miscellaneous and other fees are to be properly administered (charging, collection, and accounting to ensure more transparency), or options for the students to just personally assume the incidental costs of education in Silliman in lieu of fees,” Tagle wrote.

Tagle also asked for a written suggestion of what format the administration should use in its clarifications “that would be most facilitative to the student government’s understanding.”

Ladero said in an interview with the Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) last August 7 the Student Government was grateful for the initiative of the Administration to reach out to them.

He also expressed willingness to work with the Administration. However, he said it would be difficult for the SG to provide a proposal on the administration of fees. He said the SG  are just students and they do not know how the whole financial management system of Silliman works.

“I don’t think we can give a proposal because in the first place, what we’re just asking is just few clarifications about the whole process. About what are these fees we are paying for and where they go.” Ladero said.

Instead of giving a proposal, Ladero said they are writing a reply to the Administration containing their questions for clarifications. He said they will seek answers first before they could decide on the need for them to suggest a new proposal.

“But I trust the Administration. I believe that they have a lot of experts. They’re doing their best for us in Silliman University. . .”

He said they will probably send the letter by the end of August or the first week of September.

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