No Cheer Dance or Mega Dance Crew Contests on Hibalag

Meilynne Gem Sonjaco | News Writer

The Silliman University Inter-college Mega Dance Crew Competition is cancelled this Founder’s Week due to lack of participants.

Mega Dance Crew was set to replace the Cheerdance competition.

SUSG Cheer Com chairperson, Novey Bartoces, said that the cancellation of the Mega Dance Crew was mainly because only the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) confirmed to join.

“The School of Medicine messaged us that they are interested to join but it was long after we had informed the concerning bodies – the colleges – of the cancellation of the event,” Bartoces said.

Bartoces continued that most of the colleges said that they cannot join the competition because of lack of financial support to fund their dancers.

A Grade 12 Accountancy and Business Management student who was looking forward for the dance competition, Irene Pelarios, said the SUSG was reasonable but it needs to consider that the cheerdance competition is one of the events most anticipated by the students..

Competitors from the Cheerdance Competition 2016 conveyed their dismay on the cancellation of cheerdance competition.

A cheerdancer from last year’s College of Engineering Cheer Team, Seth Rey Abella, said:  “Dance competitions have been conducted for a very long time already and it even sets the bar higher every year. I was devastated when it was suddenly cancelled and that there are no other more events to compensate it with.”

Sunshine Serdan, a dancer from last year’s College of Engineering and Design (CED) Cheer Team, also shared the same sentiment. She added that CED would have joined the competition if it wasn’t changed to a mega dance crew competition in the first place.

“If cheeerdance pa unta, mu apil mi[College of Engineering] but gi mega crew man so wala nalang and ni focus nalang mis Modern Dance Competition pag Acquaintance. As a cheerleader since 2013, it saddens me. For us, cheering is life and founder’s week won’t be complete without it. This is our only time to showcase every stunt, toss and flips that we trained for,” she shared.

Zandrea Bolo, a dancer from the defending Cheerdance Champions College of Business Administration (CBA), expressed his disappointment over the SUSG’s “sudden” decision to cancel cheerdance competition.

“They changed it to Mega Dance Crew and they wanted us to join but no, dili mi ganahan ug modern dance. Among ganahan kay cheerdance nya mao man pod and ganahan sa mga tawo (We don’t want modern dance competition. What we want is cheerdance competition and that is also what the people want),” Bolo said.

Despite the said cancellation, SUSG Cheer Com vice-chair, Marielle Buscato, said the committee is planning to conduct two dance workshops for this school year.

“We are planning to have a Cheerdance Workshop soon which is exclusive for Sillimanian Cheerdancers only and a Dance Workshop as well which is exclusive for all dancers in general. The Dance Workshop will be open to all in order to generate income,” she said.

Buscato added that the Cheerdance Workshop will be held at the end of the 1st semester in October and the Dance Workshop will be held in November this year.

Moreover, she pointed out that their committee is currently in negotiation with the National Collegiate Athletic Association to organize a regional qualifying leg in Dumaguete in order to provide opportunities for cheerleaders and athletes from the city to compete in the Nationals this 2018.

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