Sillimanians Speak

Compiled by Jasmyn Siobhan A. Olmido | Circulation Manager

“What issues should have been discussed or given importance by President Rodrigo Duterte on his 2nd State of the Nation Address?”

The president should’ve also discussed about our technology, industry and its economy. I personally think that it will be interesting if we have an insight on how technologically advance is our nation and what is to be expected in the coming years. Since technology is somehow a trend and a part of our culture, it is somehow a need for the president to give us a preview or a sneak peek of what to expect in this field. Carl Robert S. Cruz BBA Management II

I wanted to hear more about his plan on making our government into a federal type of government. As we all know, this was one of his agendas during his campaign and perhaps the peace talks between CPP and the present government. I expected that the president during the SONA highlighted on how he would resolve poverty in the Philippines aside from the war on drugs which lead to a lot death casualties. And also how would the administration respond on the disputes that is happening in Mindanao especially in Marawi aside from implementing martial law that suspended the writ of habeas corpus which may lead in abusing power and violation of human rights. Anonymous

As a senior student, seeing other teenagers roaming around or taking their youth out by applying for a job to take responsibility as a young adult instead of studying and building their future, hurts me a lot. As far as I know, president Duterte implemented a 4p’s program for families who cant afford to send their children to school. However, this program limits other families since in order to qualify for this program, the parents should at least pass the income bracket asked by the government. In my opinion, extending scholarship for public colleges and universities should be one of the issues that our president must look forward, nonetheless I’m not certain that this issue could be done easily considering that possesing sufficient money should be required. Shiela Maquiling BSCE-IV

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