Breaking Tradition

For many years Cheer Dance competition has been a staple in the Silliman University Founders Day. The thrilling event takes place nearing the end of the usual 11-day celebration after the Miss Silliman pageant, Silliman Idol, Mr. Hibalag and Parada Sillimaniana and other Hibalag events.

However, this year, there was a plan to replace the traditional Cheer Dance with a Mega Dance Crew.

However, the Mega Dance Crew was also pulled out, three weeks before the kick-off of Hibalag events.

Lack of participants was the main reason why both events were dissolved, claimed the Cheer Dance Competition Committee. Only one college really wanted to send out a team to compete.

Is this because of student apathy?

The Weekly Sillimanian (tWS) understands the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of such events, most especially the traditional Cheer Dance competition; lack of students affecting the fund collection of colleges. Not to mention student apathy.

It’s saddening that students will not be able to witness such a historical competition.

Time is fleeting. The organizers cannot abruptly change or just add a new major event due to time constraints, and as a result, both events were cancelled.

The organizing committee said, however, that they will create an event sans the Cheer Dance competition. However, it will not be during the Hibalag celebration.

tWS believes that Cheer Dance competition is a tradition and Hibalag celebration wouldn’t be complete without it. We could only hope that the Cheer Dance competition will be resurrected in the coming years for it is a tradition and tradition is our identity that is meant to be preserved.

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