What’s Missing?

Merell Lystra L. Recta | Feature Writer

As another school year starts, another batch of new students wander around the campus and discover its majesty— starting from the abbreviated building assignments down to the spooky stories of the campus’ history. Adjusting to a completely different environment is tough especially for those newbies on campus. However, being acquainted with this university’s culture is the best way to get the gist of being a Sillimanian.

With over a thousand senior high students roaming around the campus this school year, you might wonder how the senior high department is able to handle such large population.

“The struggle is real” was the handy motto for the department and students last school year. Despite that, it was still a fun rollercoaster ride.

There are a few tweaks with the current grade eleven’s setting. For those of you who aren’t aware of these changes, let us take a step back in time and get to know what was once a part of senior high life.

Can you balance academics with activities outside the classroom?

One of the struggles in senior high last school year was the implementation of Related Learning Activity (RLA) wherein the students must participate in activities that incorporate the 5 Cs of Silliman— classroom, church, court, community, and cultural center. Every activity has a corresponding number of hours and every student must comply a total of 200 hours for the first semester. However, it was replaced with Subject Directed Learning (SDL) during the second semester. This is why a lot of senior high students signed up for organizations and participated in various activities last year.

Can you imagine having a class together with 5 sections inside a large room?

Yes and they referred to it as the “big lecture” or “super lecture.” With around 200 students and just one lecturer in a class, it is no wonder that the attention of some students gets disrupted easily by their seatmates. But if you are lucky enough to have a funny and energetic lead lecturer, you’ll understand how the line “the more, the merrier” is in real life.

Most likely, it is only in Silliman’s senior high school that you can experience being in a class as large as that. Unfortunately, the current grade 11 peps cannot experience such.

There are still a lot to improve in senior high’s curriculum and most probably, those under the old curriculum might find it uncomfortable having these people dubbed as high schoolers in a college environment.

If you are having trouble adjusting to this change in curriculum, learn to embrace it. The only way to progress is through change. You might miss some things but they will all come with good results in the end.

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