Still no dean for MassCom

Gresheen Gift Libby | Associate Editor

The College of Mass Communication (CMC) is entering its third month of the first semester this school year without a college dean after its previous dean, Dr. Rosario Baseleres, has retired.

In the absence of a dean, Dr. Betsy Joy Tan, Silliman University vice-president for academic affairs, temporarily fills in the role of the dean.

Mark Raygan Garcia, director of the Office of Information and Publications, represented the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in an interview after Dr. Tan couldn’t be reached for comment regarding the matter.

The Weekly Silimamian tried for over a week to schedule an interview with her, however, she said she was unavailable.

Garcia said that the VPAA is taking charge of the college to ensure that the College proceeds with plans and conducts its classes and activities smoothly, without unnecessary disruptions.

At present, only the College of Mass Communication has no dean. However, Garcia said this is not the first time that the VPAA handled colleges that lacked deans. The same arrangement was said to be applied at the Graduate Programs, and briefly at the College of Computer Studies.

He further explained that a potential new dean was considered, but the candidate decided to postpone the engagement nearing the start of the school year.

There is still no confirmation if the said potential dean will be available for the next semester.

“As is proper and diligent, the university is initiating a search process to identify who else could be appointed dean hopefully next semester,” Garcia said.

Garcia assured that the College will not revert back into a department or a school, and that the college will still run normally despite lacking a dean.

A temporary arrangement between the College and the VPAA for this semester is in the works while they scour for new potential candidates for the next dean of the College of Mass Communication.

“It’s really hard for us to operate efficiently, considering our current situation. But thankfully, we have our very understanding and supportive adviser who guides us in everything we do,” said Renz Macion, the governor of the college.

“The College of Mass Communication is still standing despite the absence of a Dean. But, just like any other ship, we still need a captain to steer the waves. We, Maskomistas, are hoping for a new captain to sail before our ship sinks,” said Julien Pinero, college internal affairs.

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