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The Weekly Sillimanian decides to compile the answers of the Sillimanians to the question, “Do you think that the charge of aircon fee in the last three years was a system malfunction as said by the administration? Why?” tWS was overwhlemed with the responses by the students that opted to have more responses than the basic four.

SO here are the answers:

Three years worth of system malfunction? How could they miss this? Numbers talk, you know. If it is indeed a system malfunction, they should have spotted this by the end of the first year. Are they incompetent? Is math so hard for them? Are they only using pen and paper? Do they not understand the concept of a computer? Did none of them have a calculator? Students can think, you know. Sillimanians are quite smart and I feel insulted by the reason that they gave us. Mura bag gamay ra kaayo ni nga issue. And why is the aircon fees the only thing that is affected? System man kaha ang affected? Dapat tanan diba? Nya ang mga nanggraduate na? What a big, big mess!

Even our respective organizations notice deficits and excesses within a semester and most of us have no business/finance background, just simple arithmetic skills. Good luck na lang jud. Akoy maluoy anang mga students nga gabaguod kay naay tawo nga gadinangag kay wala niya gihimo ug tarong niyang trabaho for 3 YEARS. Let me repeat, for 3 YEARS. For me, three years worth of “system malfunction” is so impossible to miss. It is so impossible to believe their reasons seeing that finance is their specialty. Don’t charge us for your irresponsibility. Pag sure. We are beyond triggered already. I have no more words. Misag unsaon nimo ug bali-bali, ang bottomline, nagdinangag ang business office.
Felice Marie G. Enopia, MD-III

In my own personal opinion, it really wasn’t. Judging by the very recent strike, many new buildings and add-ons seems Silliman is a bit strip for cash. Not to mention the all university acquaintance party in comparison to the previous one, known as specs, was totally a boring and underspent event that supposed to be the kick start of the year. Going back to the topic, with all the points I have raised I really do believe that Silliman wants the money for something else that they are planning. Lately, we have heard of a dormer complaining of a 1500 air con bill in the first 15 days. Although they did change it after, note after. It is a bit sad that it is happening, but in the end it is just my opinion whether Silliman is hoarding some or not whether Silliman will increase fees ( which is already ridiculously high in the first place).
Aurel C. Nocete BSPT- II

I beg to disagree that the aircon fee charge in the last three was a system malfunction. 3 years is a very long time, it is so impossible for the administration not to notice it earlier and the sudden increase of fee was way too huge for a system malfunction.
Kriss Tita O. Montajes BSCE-IV

There are two sides in every story, one being the administrations’ proclamation that it was a software malfunction and the side of the students and either of both sides could be deemed true. As a student, my opinion regarding the aircon fee for the last three years was not a system malfunction because if you look at it, yes there are two aircon units in most of the rooms but there are about 50 students in each class, (unless it is a laboratory classroom like in the Medtech dept. with a class size of 12) fees can never be beyond a hundred. It is the correct charges for the aircon fees, however now the charges are twice as high as it was for the past three years which is actually doubtful. Why the sudden raise? How can a system malfunction happen for three long years without the Business and finance or any of the administration noticing it? These are some of the questions raised by most of us confused students. I hope this matter can be resolved the soonest time possible.
Shaia Nicole C. Reyes BSMT-III

Blaming the aircon fee increase on a “3-4 year system malfunction” is laughable. For a university that countlessly boasts its admirable credentials and intra and international achievements, one will think a mere malfunction will be spotted and properly attended to in the span of a semester, at most. The charging of the increased aircon fees was done on the down low and without prior notice, almost as if they were a villain in the Scooby-Doo franchise and believed they wouldn’t get caught. I’m also bothered by the inaccurate dating on the My Silliman account; I checked my account on Tuesday, July 18th and the dates for the aircon fees were marked with July 31, 2017. Silliman gets more fishy with each new semester, and not in a good way.
Alexandra Nicole N. Dolumbal BSMT-III

The first question to that is: How much is the amount of aircon fee charge 4 years ago and beyond? Was it different from the amount charge 3 years ago? It’s not a system malfunction! If they call it as a system malfunction 3 years ago, why didn’t they settle it by the time when they discovered the malfunction issue? What was the reason why they waited 3 years before declaring it as malfunctioned? If they are planning to increase fees within the university, then they must inform all the students prior or during the enrollment time. Who were the beneficiaries if the tuition increases? The admin and faculty. Who were the beneficiaries if the school fees increase? The ADMIN! I am referring all these questions to the admin. “If you discover a problem or an issue, you better settle it as early as possible before it becomes worse!” Basic quotation! IN SHORT, THAT WAS NOT A SYSTEM MALFUNCTION!!
Joie Lyndon M. Villarubia B.Th. III

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