Senior High dethrones CBA in modern dance contest

Francis Ryan B. Pabiana | News Writer

The College of Business Administration (CBA) failed to win their fourth consecutive championship in the all-university acquaintance party modern dance competition after coming off short behind the Senior High School (SHS) dance troupe.

The three-time defending modern dance champions, CBA Legit, fell to the second place after being defeated by the new comers, SHS dance troupe.

Aiko Kitane, CBA Legit group leader, said “CBA Legit won for straight three years, and not being able to defend our victory once more made us thank the experience.”

However, Kitane said the group cannot help but be disappointed.

“But to be honest, we really ended up heartbroken. All of us are already graduating, and our beloved trainer, Tristan Bonnit, will no longer choreograph until he finishes his other responsibilities that he has to prioritize,” she said.

But she is still happy with the results.

“All those effort, sacrifices, expenses, and time, only to say it, were okay? But united as we are, we came to a realization that winning isn’t everything because as performers, our first goal is to show people what we got,” she added.

On the other hand, SHS Governor, Veremeika Gaudie, expressed her happiness over their win.

“It’s very humbling to see that Senior High students were able to give their best to deliver in Modern Dance competition (MDC),” she said.

The College of Engineering and Design ranked third in the competition.

Silliman SEAty

The all-university acquaintance party brought the best of Dumaguete City inside Silliman University.

In line with the theme “Silliman SEAty: Campus by the SEA”, Silliman University Student Government wanted to bring the common gimmicks in Dumaguete City inside Silliman.

“The essence of the ‘Silliman SEAty is that we really want Sillimanians to feel what Dumaguete City life is; like cheese sticks, dance competition which is famous in the city, and partying. That is why we incorporated the whole idea together.”

Three thousand cheese sticks were given away for free to students during the party, in which officers of SUSG used their own personal money to buy.

According to Ladero, they wanted to have a lot of cheese sticks for the students, and they prefer to use the SUSG fund for other more important events and or activities such as for Hibalag or Miss Silliman.

“We are reserving the funds for other activities and we decided to contribute [funds], in that way it’s easier to buy, kind of more convenient because we could really say that we’re very genuine as well…”

Students grouped themselves into five to 10 members, who do not know each other as part of acquaintanceship, in order to avail the free cheese sticks.

Ladero said he was satisfied with how the whole event turned out. “I think I saw a lot of people in the party and like it, we heard a lot of positive feedback, the whole program itself. We were able to create an acquaintance party that really makes people united and to meet people as well in the university.”

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