Dormers complain on increased fees

Meilynne Gem C . Sonjaco | News Writer

Some dormers in the university expressed their disappointments over the dorm services but having to pay sudden additional fees this semester.

“The fees that we are paying are not worth it, there could’ve been more improvements made. We expected more from the Student Housing especially in terms of our food,” said a frustrated dormer from Edith Carson who wanted to remain anonymous.

Dorm Food
In line with the cafeteria’s 20% increase of food prices, the price of dorm food has also increased. It is mandatory for dormers inside the university to pay fixed price for dorm food covering three meals per day for the whole semester. This excludes dormers in cottages since they have their own cooks.From P20, 300 in the previous

From P20, 300 in the previous years, dorm food increased to P22,320 starting this semester.

Quina Amarayah H. Subito, a Grade 12 STEAM student dormer in Edith Carson, said that despite the increased price, the quality and amount of food that they receive remain the same.

“Sum-od ang dorm food, we don’t really get that much flavor and more often than not, food will easily run out especially in big dorms like Edith Carson,” Subito added.

Another Grade 12 STEAM student from Doltz Hall, Alan Raphael Sy, shared the same sentiments.

“Sometimes they [the cafeteria] serve us rubber meat and there are times wherein we receive beef that is a little undercooked. In addition, the flavors are bland. Ga expect ko na mu improve sila since we added more or less P2,000 to our dorm food fee,” Sy said.

On the contrary, GJesel Eev Saile Mumar, president of dormers in Channon Hall, shared the she thinks the increased price of dorm food is reasonable.

“I personally think that the quality of food the cafeteria serves us has improved in flavor and variety. We don’t experience the same food always and as what I have also gotten from my fellow dormers, they too think that the food is getting better,” she elaborated.

Dorm Aircon Fee
According to student housing and residence division head, Princeton Apura, even though aircon fee in classrooms increased, aircon fees in dorms are not affected.

However, Rachel Lynn Agravante, a student dormer, claimed that Channon Hall dormers who are accomodated in air-conditioned rooms were charged P5,500 for aircon maintenance without any prior notice.

“We were shocked and surprised na pabayaron diay mi ug P5,500 extra para sa pag maintain sa aircon, plus at the end of the sem pabayaron pa mi sa among metro for our overall aircon electric consumption. Wala man mi gipabayad ug additional P5,500 sauna karun raman ni,” Agravante said.

She pointed out that this type of payment scheme is unfair since the P5000 additional payment is only applicable for Channon Hall dormers.

“I find it unfair because it is only us who has to pay for our overall aircon electric consumption while those dormers in Edith Carson have a fixed rate. Maka unli aircon sila, kami kailangan namo ilimit among aircon or else mudako amo balayran,” she added.

Dorm wifi
Dormers have the option to avail or not the dorm wifi which costs P200 per month.

However, since some dormitories can’t be reached the signal of Silliman wifi, some students are left with no other choice but to avail the dorm wifi.

According to management information systems director, Percival Gerard M. Genove, dorm wifi is about 60-80 mega bits per second. He said this speed is enough for students to be able to access the internet and do school-related activities.

Despite this, there are still student dormers who complained that the wifi speed is slower this semester compared to last school year.

A fourth year student dormer in Edith Carson, Tatin Villareal taking AB Political Science, expressed her complaints on the dorm wifi.

Ang bagal talaga ng wifi dito. [The internet connection here is really slow.] Recently, bumagal siya for some reason compared to last year. We don’t expect it to be that fast naman but we didn’t expect it to be this slow, considering the fact that we paid more or less P800 per sem for dorm wifi,” Villareal said.

Villareal added she used to do her assignments at night before, but due to the slower wifi speed now, she and her dorm mates have started doing their school work between 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. since the wifi speed is a bit faster in those hours.

Student housing has addressed this problem by conducting a survey-petition wherein dormers can affix their signature for faster dorm wifi with a rate of P1,500 per sem.

Genove said the petition needs 500 signatures from the dormers before the administration takes action.

Dorm Sanitation
“In our cafeteria here at Edith Carson, you can sometimes see baby cockroaches at the walls. I wish they [dorm maintenance] would do something about this. We are eating food inside this room,” said Nefertari Aliyah Mamon, a dormer in Edith Carson.

Kayla Pili, another dormer from Azucena Cottage, shared the same sentiments as Mamon.

“We see rats and cockroaches pass by through the corridors and it’s already normal for us to see those na,” she said.

Washing Laundry
Student dormers from Channon Hall raised a complaint on how they are not allowed to do their laundry inside the dorm unless they are Divinity School students.

Nanglaba ko sauna, gikasab-an ko kay dili ko divinity student. Unsa may kalahian namo? [I washed my laundry once and I was scolded because I am not a Divinity School student. What is our difference?]” asked an dormer from Channon Hall who wanted to be anonymous.

She said that even though Channon Hall was originally known as the dormitory for divinity students before, the guidelines should be fair to all the dormers.

When asked about the issue, Apura explained that normally all dormers are not allowed to do their laundry in their respective dorms.

“If everyone [the dormers] was allowed to do their laundry, there would be a great consumption of water and the price to pay for that excess amount of water is not covered under the Dormer’s Full Payment per sem,” Apura said.

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