“Do you think that the new mini cafeteria in the library is necessary?”

Compiled by Jasmyn Siobhan A. Olmido, Circulation Manager

“As a student of Silliman for almost 3 years now, I always study in the library and I am capable of studying without a cafeteria inside. I guess they should give consideration to the small food establishments outside the Library such as the kiosks.”
NJ Dave A. Pague, BSMT III

“Yes, it is. It’s usually taxing for students to stay in the library and leave the building when they want/need something to eat. Too many things will be involved like having to go through the hassle of opening the bags before leaving and having your ID scanned before entering just to get food. But with the mini cafeteria, students no longer have to do those.”
Isabelle Mae Antonio, BS Psychology – III

“I think Library is the best place to study because books are accessible and fortunately it is now offering food. In addition, you can save money because instead of going to coffee shops and spend on expensive food, you can study with a full stomach inside the library.”
Bienni Claire Delmo, BS Nursing III

“No. I don’t think that having a mini cafeteria in the library is necessary. I understand that the purpose of it is the convenience on the side of the students in their problems with distant food stalls. However, the essence of having the library as a ground and center for focused study and formal discussion is deteriorating because of the tendency that it might be perceived by the students, especially those who have classes at course buildings near the library, as a food center. By then, the desired kind of silence may not be guaranteed and the rule on no bringing of food is contradicted.”
John Christian “JC” Lado, BSED MAPEH III

Next Issue’s Question:

”Do you think that the aircon fee charge in the last three years was a system malfunction as said by the administration?”

For your answers, just text the CIrculation Manager (09759664662).
Indicate your full name (with middle initial), course and year.

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