Being Left Behind

Jess Gayan Lumain | Governor, College of Agriculture | Speak Up

The College of Agriculture is a small college, in relation to population. We are located at Barangay Bantayan, Dumaguete City, and our college is approximately two to three kilometers from the main campus. Just like any other college, we also have our problems and concerns regarding the state of our college.

Our development in terms of infrastructure and facilities are way behind other colleges, yet we are paying almost the same tuition fees. We are paying for the same miscellaneous fees like other students in the main campus, yet we don’t have the luxury in availing some of these services.

Common problems that we, as a student body from the College of Agriculture, want to address is the proper information dissemination. Many announcements from the main campus are not posted in our college bulletin boards, and we don’t receive the regular weekly newspapers and even if we do, it is not updated anymore. As a result, we often get left behind in university events.

Another concern is the installment of air-conditioning units. We may have a small number of enrollees, but we also have the right to have rooms with proper air conditioning, since all of the colleges from the main campus are enjoying this service.

We may have no air conditioned rooms in our college yet some of our fellow students in the college are charged with aircon fees. The equipment in our college are insufficient and outdated, and these greatly affect our learning experience.

Even though we lack equipment and some of our facilities don’t meet the standards, we are still trying to learn as much as we can with the available resources that our college currently has.

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