Unsung Heroes: Witnessing the Capes

Brian Stephan R. Mack

We are the swords about to enter a rustic society; they are the coat that keeps us shiny and new in spite slowly rusting themselves.

Cheers to our Unsung Heroes!

As student of the country’s acclaimed, and evident, cultural melting pot, I, along with a pool of other learners, carry the banner of academic esteem, communal care, religious piety, and athletic indulgence.

Often, the day completely exhausts me in every aspect imaginable, and the palette of skills I equip myself with during the early mornings, have been completely used up.

The days are long, terrorizing, and hard-hitting.They find their way into your system and forcibly strip all you pride yourself for.

We are all swords whose durability and potential are being tested day in and out, hammered to the point of disfigurement, and dipped into the coldest of waters for good measure.

We work so hard, so that one day we can draw smiles from those we owe, we desire and those who we want to share our lives with.

Yet, we consistently fail to see the “normal people who do the same for us.

Silliman is a pool of students, and a pool of “heroes” who we recognize merely as “parts of a system”.

I fail to see these plain-as-day models of colloquial heroism that I talk to, walk by, and brush off every single day here. The pool of unrecognized heroes ranges from your everyday campus guard, cafeteria personnel to even your simple librarian.

When us- the swords, grow dull, they polish us back into the game in their own certain way.

We have all gone from class weary, longing, on edge as we seek recovery, refuge within the confines of a library, the warmth of a meal, or the unique thought of being part of something larger.

The cafeteria/food establishments connected to the campus is an elevator of drowned spirits, lost morale, as well as a casual gathering of buddies.

When recovering, and desiring to prepare for a class that needs to be triumphed, the silence of the library is the place to go.

When feeling insignificant in a university of a multitude, know that you are specially guarded by a unit of the police force itself because you are valuable.

There are a myriad of little services that play big services in actuality. We fail to recognize this because we get used to them and choose to seek the novel.

They, however, never cease to serve us the hopes of one day seeing us as gleaming swords in a rustic, development-needy society.

We reside in a cultural melting pot. A gathering of hopes and talents, and a community of prestige and proactivity. These feelings are never connected, yet stitched back to the little structures in campus that make it such an innovative dwelling for young swords.

Cheers to our Unsung Heroes!

Brian Stefan Mack is the 1st Price winner of the Feature Writing Contest of AMBAyanihan, an event organized by the Silliman University Corps of Campus Ambassador to pay tribute to the so-called Unsung Heroes in the campus like the janitors, security guard and lay vendors, last July 1.

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