Know Better

The ongoing dispute between the university administration and faculty union does not just involve two parties but three.

Silliman University Faculty Association (SUFA) fights for what they believe is “right, fair and just” for the services they render to the university.

On the other hand, the Silliman University administration is saying they are after for the long-term well-being, not just of the teachers and students, but the university as a whole. As what they keep on saying, they can only give what is “affordable and sustainable.”

These parties are steadfast on what they think is right until they can no longer agree.


the Weekly Sillimanian admires the willingness and courage of SUFA and the administration to fight for their principles.

But until when and where are they going to fight?

With the ongoing dispute of the two important sectors of the university, there is one party who will undeniably be affected- the student body.

If the administration and SUFA will still not come into an agreement, then SUFA might pursue their strike. If this happens, then classes will be affected hence the students.

How about the expensive tuition fees they pay?

In effect of the dispute, the quality of education depreciates.

In whatever result of this seemingly prideful dispute, the SUFA and administration must decide most especially on the well-being of the students and the 116-year-old Silliman University.

After all, it’s Silliman University we choose.

PS: To the students, know better. Know what is happening in your campus. Know and understand what you read on social media. Validate the information you heard from someone. Because of all the people in the world who know and experience what is happening inside Silliman, it is you.

You should know better.

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