“Do you think SUFA should push through with their strike? Why?”

Compiled by Jasmyn Siobhan A. Olmido

“I think yes. They have the right to do so. As a Sillimanian, teachers are the great factors
that make Silliman great. Without them our school won’t be achieving much. They have
the right to be heard.”
Maria Carmila Tapis, BS Accountancy III

“Yes. SUFA, as a union, has the right to go on a strike as long as they meet the requirements
stated in the Labor Code. The members of SUFA are our beloved professors and they have
prioritized their love for their students long enough because if they didn’t, they could’ve
gone on strike last year. I think it’s time that we hear their plea and us, students, should
just pray that everything ends well.”
Miriam Grace Juanerio, BS Civil Engineering III

“Yes, because I think they have the right to voice out their opinion, especially because
the matter at hand is a heavy issue for them.”
Genesis Tuble, BS Civil Engineering III

“Yes, I do believe that they should push through with the strike. After exhausting all their
options, it is their right no more than anybody else to stand for their cause. I feel the need
not to elaborate any further. I am just hoping that this protest be devoid of violence, and
that the student government take care of its constituents.”
Carmelito M. Sumile Jr., AB Political Science IV

Next Issue’s Question:
”Do you think that the new mini cafeteria in the library is necessary?”

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