“Is it still significant to celebrate the 31st EDSA Revolution? Why or why not?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“We celebrate EDSA because we ended a cruel, abusive and unjust period in our history. I may not have experienced it, but after all the readings and lessons I’ve learned in my History class… Our democracy right now is a work in progress and we’re still fixing the ills of Martial Law up to today. But there is progress. We should not “move on” but we should always remember.”
Shiela Maquiling, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering III

“Yes, in that way youngsters will be able to see the importance of patriotism. EDSA Revolution played an important role in the history of all Filipinos which then gives us the reason to remember it by celebrating its anniversary.”
Fearn Anne Acibo, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

“Definitely, yes! EDSA Revolution was the time when democracy was restored in our country. Thereupon, we are now enjoying its ideals and demands: the freedom of speech, the right to choose the leaders of our country, and whatnot. The EDSA Revolution may be a bittersweet reminiscence yet I choose to have it remember because it reminds us all about its manifestation of our freedom, our country’s unity, and the nationalism of each and every Filipino.”
Shannel Vendiola, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering II

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