The Sticker’s Effect

Irah Stefan T. Diao | Nocturnal

It seems that until today, the not-so-new policy of the Silliman University (SU) administration regarding the parking sticker is still not a complete peace to some people here in the campus. Let’s back track a bit. Last school year, this news left most students, and some faculty and staff heartbroken because parking vehicles inside the campus is prohibited unless if you have a sticker worth Php 5,000 which is only good for one semester. This led to complaints about the said matter. But, the administration has already made up their mind. Indeed, they are not budging. As a result of this implementation, there are some complications that not only Sillimanians are experiencing but also to people in our community.

Motor vehicles are now flooding Katada St., Hibbard Avenue since the original parking space for motorcycles located beside Villareal Hall (VH) up to Uytengsu building is now a parking area for four-wheeled vehicles. Knowing this setup, most of the students would rather have their motorcycles parked at a nearer distance than parking at CBA area or Portal East area. Thus, this leaves less space for vehicles to pass by Katada St. If Katada St. is already filled up, people would park along Hibbard Avenue and even along Perdices St.

Traffic has also become a problem. Aggravated by cars double-parking beside CBA and along SU Elementary School and SU High School, this has led to a congested road and sluggish traffic during noontime breaks and the late afternoon class dismissals. Let’s also take time to consider that it’s not only students who park at those places but also customers of the restaurants and cafes near the area, business establishments, and many more resulting to a concern not only for Sillimanians.

For the meantime, let’s set aside cars. How about the pedestrians? Since the parking area near VH gate is loaded with cars of varying lengths, pedestrians are now having a hard time walking on the sidewalks since some cars would completely occupy the path. Some would resort to jaywalking which could possibly lead to accidents. As a student, I have seen that the interiors in the university are quite organized with the said policy and it is not easy to adjust towards new rules. But as a non-profit, Christian institution, I think considering the space Silliman has, it could be arranged that the policy may also help students and the community to at least make it better and more justifiable on paying a space that is not even taxed. There must be win-win situations since we are also part of the community and we benefit from each other. Let’s not wait for this situation to worsen: congested traffic and accidents. Instead, we can act on it now to avoid prejudice.

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