SUPTs topnochers for PT licensure exams

Mary Abigail T. Go

TWO SILLIMANIANS RANKED top 4 and top 10 in the physical therapy licensure exams conducted last Feb. 5-6.

Kristine Joy Mongcopa ranked 4th and Diane Grace Uy Matiao ranked top 10.

Both recognized Silliman University as instruments for their success.

Mongcopa said that they were taught to be independent at all times and to learn how to make use of the resources they have. She said that their exposure to different centers and big hospitals during their 10 months of internship helped them during the boards.

“During the board exams, you will be asked questions that you see every day. The questions are situations we have been familiar with. So, by God’s grace, we are able to analyze the questions carefully even if they are very challenging,” Mongcopa said.

Uy Matiao said, “SUPT taught us to always achieve something in a day that no time should be wasted if you want to achieve something as big as this. If you want to pass, if you want to top the boards, there will always be a lot of things that you need to sacrifice but everything will be worth it in the end.”

The SUPT department garnered 85.71 per cent passing rate and has consistently been producing topnotchers for the licensure exams in the recent years.

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