Leaders’ North founder tackles ‘Love Matters, Just Because’

Karah Jane B. Sarita

“LOVING WITHOUT A reason, loving just because” was emphasized by Kent Omisan, founder of Leaders’ North, in his talk about love, courtship, and dating last Feb. 13 at the Audio-Visual Theater 1.

Omisan shared three things to consider in order to radiate love starting with loving one’s self first.

“If you cannot give yourself love, how can you love other people? … Loving yourself is not selfish,” Omisan said.

Second was forgiveness, by feeling the pain and letting it go. Third was to have compassion, by understanding where the others are coming from.

“If you must choose between to be right and to be kind, please be kind… Choose to be compassionate,” Omisan stressed.

He emphasized why one person commits suicide every 40 seconds in the whole world. “It’s because they forget to love. Actually, the love is just there, there are just many barriers,” Omisan said.

Omisan also discussed the Love Continuum of Marci Schmoft, starting from having no love, loving for bad reason, loving for good reason, to loving for no reason.

According to Omisan, as stated in the love continuum, when there is no love, there is so much fear, hatred and resistance. He added that love for bad reason is using others to fill the void within.

Omisan also tackled the three myths of love: love makes you weak, love is all about romance, and finding love outside oneself. He discussed the “truths” behind those myths by stressing that only the strongest can love truly, romance is just part of love, and love is within one’s self.

Omisan gave a talk after the presentation of the letters written by the Valentine Love Letter Writing Contest 2017 Participants. He was also one of the judges of the competition.

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