Merell Lystra L. Recta

As of press time, the partial and unofficial results of the 2017 Silliman University Student Government (SUSG)laban elections show that standard-bearers of the Concerted Action for the Upliftment of Student Endeavors (CAUSE) Party, Allison Ladero and Marc Manaban, are leading the race for president and vice-president, respectively. During the campaign period, both candidates presented their goals for the SUSG if ever they will be elected to their desired positions. Now that they are closer to the presidential and vice-presidential seats, let’s look back on the plans they laid out for the Sillimanians.

Being a part of a student-centric party for years, Allison and Marc believe in their trademark, “Service above self.” “We’re here because we want to represent [the students]. We’re here because we want to fight for them. We’re here because we are not afraid to go to the administration and tell them that something is wrong,” Allison said.

Allison, a philosophy major and debater, and Marc, an active leader of the MedTech Society, both hail from the socio-civic organization Ang Sandigan. Their experience as active leaders for years gave them the skills to handle problems, even in the midst of people’s differences as individuals. Such experiences gave them a chance to give back to students in Silliman that need help. “It all boils down to service,” Marc remarked.

Allison and Marc’s plans for next school year are quite abundant. During the campaign, both agreed that if elected, they will have an inclusive type of government wherein the SG will become more engaging and nearer to students. Strengthening the League of Governors was one of the things that, according to Allison and Marc, can address the visible gap between the SG and the students. “Through these particular leaders in their own colleges, we can really trickle down the policies or projects,” added Allison.

Other planned projects, activities, or improvements include proper information dissemination, reviving the show “Kabsi” (wherein the profit for such activity was given to the scholars of the university), improve “#Tudlo,” and better implement the “Sikad Project.”

“We should have more activities that really cater to the needs or interests of the different colleges,” said Allison.

Being part of the debate team made Allison think that students in Silliman should develop their critical thinking skills. During times of national crises, he envisions the SG to have a definite stand on them. The varying opinions of students are what Allison and Marc want to hear, so as to facilitate an intellectual discourse among the student body.

This is an excerpt from the article written by Merell Lystra L. Recta during the election campaign period and was originally intended for online publishing.

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