Choice – Is It Really?

Jedidiah Jan L. Colinco | Relative Truth Slap

“If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?”

Anti-abortion activist Gianna Jessen asked this question two years ago, during a US Congress’ investigation on Planned Parenthood that allegedly sold body parts of aborted babies. Jessen survived a late-term saline abortion attempt. However, due to complications during the procedure, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a disease which affected her movement and posture.

People like Jessen are not just potential human beings, they are persons made in God’s image and should be treated with dignity and respect. Every Jan. 22, Americans observe “Sanctity of Human Life Day” to commemorate the Roe v. Wade, which basically granted women access to legalized abortion. Forty-four years later, an estimated 54 million babies were helplessly murdered inside of what should be the safest place for them—their mother’s womb. That’s still more than the people Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin killed, put together.

This “silent holocaust” is already happening in other countries. And it could also happen here. Concerning this, I have three pleas for you:

Vote for pro-life leaders. One way we can avoid our own holocaust here is if we vote for leaders that protect the rights of everyone, especially the unborn. David Miller, a Christian preacher, once remarked that he was glad her mother “didn’t go to Hillary Clinton for prenatal counseling” despite him being a “deformed fetus.” Sadly, leaders like Clinton doubt that an unborn person doesn’t have “constitutional rights.”

Living in a morally relative and politically correct society nowadays, you cannot just tell someone that their decisions are outright harmful or wrong. When a baby’s life is already in danger, forget political correctness. The only thing that matters is doing what’s right even if it displeases most people.

Acknowledge that your freedom has limits. Yes, people do have the freedom to make their own decisions. But it doesn’t mean that that freedom is absolute. For instance, a person doesn’t have the freedom to rape, to murder, or to steal. Exercising your freedom to do wrong yields serious consequences.

Freedom can be abused. In this case, a woman’s “freedom to choose” is no exception. Yes, countless women have regretted aborting their own child. Even former abortionists and now pro-life advocates find it hard to forgive themselves for exercising their freedom to murder in the past.

Make the best choice. Some pregnancies may be unwanted or unplanned, but no one should be regarded as “an accident.” A child is always a gift, a precious life that should be protected and cared for, whether he or she is born or not.

I may not be able to fully understand the situation you are in, but I am pleading to you: please choose life. It may be hard, but it may very well be the best choice both for you and your child.

*To know more on how I became prolife, you may watch “180” for free on 180movie.com

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