“What are your thoughts on the government shutting down pornographic sites across the country?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“I personally agree with their decision since I don’t see anything positive in watching these videos. They only corrupt the minds of people, especially men, into thinking that women are sexual objects and pornography only increases one’s sexual hunger that drives them to do disrespectful actions or even worse, rape.”
Wes A. Tilos, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering III

“It depends on the person actually, if they like porn then they would be devastated. As for me, I’m alright with it because it teaches those perverts or people who just watch it for lust rather than actually get a girl and treat her right. That’s what porn is doing to this generation. Brainwashing their minds and not realizing what the true meaning of love.”
Matthew James S. Burgos, Speech and Theater III

Next Issue’s Question:
“What are your thoughts on the Miss Universe pageant?”

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