Eric Gerard D. Ruiz


Indeed, it took eight years for Barack Obama to rebuild America, but President Donald Trump needed only eight days to bring the United States of America to the brink of a constitutional crisis, says a report on The Huffington Post.

Though Trump’s famous “wall” pertains to Mexico, it seems like he is also building walls around the United States. With his recent executive order that changes America’s immigration system, it sparked confusion even to the legal immigrants in the United States.

The executive order which was signed last Friday, Jan. 27 restricts immigrants from seven-majority Muslim countries, hinders Syrian refugees indefinitely, and delays refugee admission for four months. Trump branded all Muslims as terrorists, regardless of concrete facts proving that some aren’t engaged in radical Islam. This action not only polarizes the masses but also creates an impression to the world that Islam is the root cause of terrorism. Business Insider reports that this executive order may be unconstitutional, to quote, “…it violates the First Amendment’s Establishment clause — which prohibits the establishment of a national religion by Congress —and the Due Process clause, which safeguards against arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property by the government outside of the law.”

It is unsafe to say that all Muslims are terrorists. However, it is true that some terrorist groups use the teachings of Islam to inculcate fear and terror not only in the Middle East but also to the world. In fact, Islam, just like Christianity, advocates a religious way of life, that speaks of a life of prayer and faith formation. Declaring that all Muslims are threats to the United States’ safety is an unfair accusation and a stab to the main teachings of Islam.

Hindering refugees from the war-torn country of Syria to seek asylum in the United States deviates from the very foundation of humanity, implying that they’ll just be a burden to the United States government.

The Weekly Sillimanian strongly disagrees with this way of thinking. This way of thinking is uncompromising. It threatens global cooperation and ties and bypasses basic human rights.

But then again, everyone should be reminded that key events in history didn’t happen because of pure conflict. Just like what’s happening today, it all starts with hate.

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