“What are your thoughts about the free limited parking spaces being offered by Silliman to students in the campus?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“I’m glad Silliman University has given a free parking space for students to park. However, it is limited, and does seem to take up the sidewalk. The new motorcycle parking space behind CBA seems much larger and could have been used instead for the parking. It would have been also useful if the University gave parking inside the campus, like near the gym, which usually seems empty. Finding a parking spot in the free parking areas is a quite a hassle since there’s rarely any space and living in Dauin, I do need to take the car to school, and with the new rates for the paid parking, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to park inside campus. Hopefully the terms will change as it would be a great help to fellow car owners like me.”
Erik Lennart Visser, BS Psychology II

“Having free parking spaces at Silliman is a step further to decongest the city’s busy streets. Although they are only free for the first hour, it just goes to show that the school is trying their best to solve the issue. In my opinion, it’s better than nothing.”
Patrick Pol L. Lacandula, BSCE III

“There are actually 2 important words to this issue: free and limited. Every Sillimanian deserves as much as possible a lot of ‘free’ services here in our campus considering the amount of tuition fee Sillimanians and their parents pay. As for ‘limited,’ the school can even maximize the potentials of the students but why not let them maximize their rights
to use the parking areas as well? Aren’t we all paying for it, whether or not you own a vehicle?”
Carlee Cherokeeh T. Calingacion, AB Political Science II

“I think it’s good because only those who have license and motor registration can park inside but the down side is most of the students who bring their motorcycles to school are those who lack requirements. So the plan to decongest Silliman isn’t really effective. I suggest the administration must hear what the students may say about their decision of moving the parking assignments to different areas because there are a lot of complaints about it.”
Al-khaizer B. Warad, BSCE III

Next Issue’s Question:

“What are your thoughts on the government shutting down pornographic sites across the country?

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