The Last Resort

Jedidiah Jan L. Colinco


As the House of Representatives resumes its session, the reinstatement of the death penalty is set to be debated. With the rising number of heinous crimes in the country, now seems to be the right time to at least consider the bill.

Although the law will face a month-long uphill battle, supporters of this present administration are confident that it will still push through. On the other hand, the minority bloc also believes that the bill won’t make it. Since the abolition of the death penalty a decade ago, thousands of lives have been affected because of rape, murder, terrorism, and drug-related crimes. Authorities are not respected anymore, and our justice system is laughed at.

Supporting the death penalty doesn’t necessarily mean that one is not pro-life. Rather, it conveys supporting innocent civilians who could be potential victims, especially children. Once a person loses the restraint of conscience, it is up to the government to enforce the law and instill fear so that no one will be harmed.

Furthermore, the government should provide the last line of protection for its citizens who follow the law and instill fear on those who do otherwise. With that being said, the government should also seek to improve our justice system, making sure that all criminals are treated equally, regardless of position and wealth. If this can be accomplished, the death penalty bill may prove to be a deterrent to crime.

Taking a life may not be a pleasing solution. But sometimes, it is the last resort.

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