Philosophy dept. holds Horace B. Silliman Lecture

Mary Abigail T. Go

AS PART OF the Horace Silliman lecture series, a senior faculty member of the philosophy department of the University of Santo Tomas (UST), an assistant professor of the philosophy department, and two MA students shared their philosophical ideas last Jan. 14 at the Audio Visual Theater 1.

Dr. Fleurdeliz Altez-Albela, the visiting lecturer from UST, talked about the “Transcendence in the Economy of Being: Reflecting on the Excesses and Limits of the Levinas’ Concept of Face.” It was about Levinas’ concept of the face and what it asks of the human person.

Albela, based on Levinatian philosophy, said that one should not be selfish for one must be responsible to the “other others.” Relating to that, she noted that in the event of lack of resources, we will be left at nothing but an apology to the other others.

During the open forum, a philosophy major student asked what would be Levinas’ response to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs, to which Albela replied that Levinas would be against anything that would result to killing another and would prefer rehabilitation.

Ismael Magadan Jr., an assistant professor of the Philosophy department; Manuel Jarabe and Will Lorca, both MA Philosophy students, presented their own personal researches during the lecture.

Magadan, shared his research on “Marx, Weber, and Lukacs on the Fundaments of Critique: Revisiting Old Concepts.” He expounded more on labor and capitalism and grounded them on the ideas of the mentioned philosophers.

Jarabe, talked about his findings on “Technology and War.” He shared on how the wars have evolved in the years and how significant the role of humans is in a war.

Lorca, shared his study on “Unity in Diversity: A Story of Philosophy and Science.” He mentioned the connection between the breakthroughs in religion, philosophy, and science.

The Horace B. Silliman lecture series was started last 2009 by the Philosophy Department and the School of Public Affairs and Governance so that the researches made by the faculty and students can be presented in public for ideas to be shared, commented, and heard.

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