“What are your thoughts on VP Leni Robredo’s leaving the cabinet?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“Does she lack self-esteem? Hmm, maybe? Her, leaving the cabinet is obviously a sign that she lacks self-esteem. She’s the VP of our country, she’s supposed to be the role model of a dignified individual. VP Robredo’s attitude now simply means that she doesn’t deserve to be in the position.”
Fearn Anne Acibo, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

“I think VP Robredo’s resignation is actually good for her and her advocacies. Now that she’s no longer a member of the Duterte Cabinet, she can do more things instead of just focusing on housing and urban development. However, it’s also sad to know that aside from the informal text from Sec. Evasco instructing her to desist attending Cabinet meetings, she’s been “bullied” by the administration thru budget cuts in the HUDCC, Duterte’s support for a Marcos Vice-Presidency, among other things. Perhaps resigning was the most professional thing to do in a government of unprofessionalism and fanaticism and even more admirable is the VP’s decision to lead a sane opposition. Just a thought, I think the President has made it his personal vendetta to remove from office all who have spoken against the extrajudicial killings brought about by Du30’s war on drugs, so expect more silenced and removed public officials.”
Reyman Kristoffer King Sy, Alumnus

VP Robredo’s desistance from the Cabinet was not a choice she whimsically made: it was anchored on Pres. Duterte’s directive to do so. VP Robredo’s withdrawal as Chairperson of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) was a lost in the Duterte administration, because I strongly believe that VP Robredo was functioning well in all her positions, for I remember in a speech that she made a few months ago that indeed, she is new to politics, but not to public service. Therefore, I am led to believe that the desistance of VP Robredo from the Cabinet is a great loss in the Duterte Administration–they let go of someone who passionately and wholeheartedly championed the needs and rights of the Filipino people. But let us now pray that she keep her Vice-Presidency from being “stolen.”
Hasne ivo live!
Edcarl Realiza Cagandahan, Juris Doctor I

Have a great Christmas vacation and Merry Christmas!

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