Through the Lenses of an Athlete

Lj Lamboloto | The Philosopher

There’s more to Intramurals than meets the eye. Although what’s often seen is the gameplay where people cheer and inspirit their colleges’ players and athletes, the entire preparation is seldom noticed and appreciated. The untold sacrifices of athletes giving more time to condition their skills, the days of grueling training, and sometimes an unfortunate mishap of an injury all contribute to the essence of sportsmanship.

Over a month ago, I started training for the Table Tennis team of my college. Though I occasionally play Ping-Pong way back home in Abu Dhabi, I still couldn’t say that my skill is enough for me to win or get a place in the Intramurals. After all my afternoon classes, I pedaled my bike and rushed through the Dumaguete traffic to get my sports bag and be ready for training which would usually last for three to four hours.

The days of swinging and spinning passed. My college team at a certain extent grew confident that we could reach our goal of at least reaching a top rank. The first few days of the Intramurals came by; we won in three matches, and later on, our fourth match gave us a slot for the championship. We waited patiently and watched the earlier games to assess the teams that we might come across with. We discussed strategies and changes that we could make on our next matches to lock-up the championship trophy for our college.

Despite of the great possibility of clenching the championship trophy, we still have the fear of losing the game. Anything could happen if something is not meant to be.

To cut the story short, we fought hard, but as what Ariana Grande said in her lyrics, “…almost is never enough…” We lost, but we almost got it. We were an inch close to winning but when something is not meant to be, no matter how hard you try to hit the ball and swing your arms in defense, it’s probably not your time to shine just yet.

It taught me one thing: you can fight and struggle, and device strategies and game plans, but if something didn’t work out, one has to let go and try again.

At the end of the day, Intramurals is not mainly about competition and winning trophies. Rather, it is about the idea of strengthening the connection among students and colleges in Silliman University. Cheers of motivation and boos against opponents had echoed all through the week of the Intramurals, but it is time to heal the wounds of defeat and to realize the ultimate goal of the Intramurals—the strengthening of our connection to the people around us and ourselves.

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