SU constructs university gallery

Karah Jane B. Sarita

Silliman University (SU) is building a proposed university gallery designed by Sillimanians taking up architecture at the former archery area.

Beforehand, SU conducted a contest for the best design for the Art Gallery among its students in architecture which was used for the design of the university gallery. The winners were Cay Louise Kirit, Shaira June Rubia, and Mary Vail Lunor.

According to Kirit, they based some of their designs on Luce Auditorium and SU Library since they want the three buildings to have a connection.

Ang pinakamaganda diyan na mangyayari is to open the gallery for all, to be able to exhibit,” Ms. Erma Eugenia Capucion, Fine Arts Department chair, said.

According to Capucion, the gallery is significant, not only to the university, but also to Dumaguete City and even the whole Negros Island.

Ibig sabihin nag-widen iyong exposure nating lahat sa artworks, artpieces, kasi madami na iyong development sa art… Lahat tayo mag-bebenefit sa gallery,” Capucion said.

Capucion added that those would be possible provided that the exhibitions would be progressive and would not stagnate.

Dr. Romeo Ariniego, recipient of the Outstanding Sillimanian Award in Medicine in 2011, has donated Php 10 million for the construction of an art gallery to host the university’s collection of artworks.

Early 2015, Ariniego also donated some of his artworks to Silliman for an exhibit at the Foyer of Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium.

Ariniego noted that the Art Gallery is essential in placing together the collection of paintings, illustrations, sculptures, and other art pieces that Silliman has acquired over the years in one building.

The gallery is supposed to be launched this December but has been moved to a further date.

With notes from m.sunstar.com.ph

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